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Jeffrey Campos – A Dedicated and Inspiring Leader PowerPoint Presentation
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Jeffrey Campos – A Dedicated and Inspiring Leader

Jeffrey Campos – A Dedicated and Inspiring Leader

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Jeffrey Campos – A Dedicated and Inspiring Leader

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  1. Jeffrey Campos – A Dedicated and Inspiring Leader

  2. Jeffrey Campos is a dynamic and multifaceted individual who has taken on a variety of roles at various different organizations and participated in their success. His areas of expertise span across a diverse groups of platforms. They include public speaking and presentation , market analysis and penetration, multicultural outreach, communications strategy, media strategy, sales support, government and political relations, and more. He has been educated at Loyola University Chicago and graduated with a Bachelor's in Science.

  3. He played a crucial role in the establishment and launch of Elite Advantage Public Relations which is a public relations consulting firm. He is a managing partner for the firm and oversees all aspects of the business including contract drafting, negotiations, budgeting, performance analysis, and management of client/vendor relationships. He serves as a primary liaison for the large client base that consists of non-profit organizations, government agencies, staffing firms, construction companies, and individual software developers as well.

  4. Through his work in the firm, he has been involved in creating innovative and highly successful, revenue generating marketing campaigns including website design, sales strategies, and efficient community outreach campaigns.

  5. Before being involved in the firm, Jeffrey Campos worked in the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Metro Denver. While he was here, he fulfilled the important position of the president and CEO. Through his hard work and industrious efforts, the Hispanic Chamber reached its full glory becoming one of the largest Hispanic chambers in the United States. During his tenure-ship, the chamber membership expanded to 3000, and the budget increased to $1.5 million.

  6. Jeffrey Campos also worked for New York Life Insurance in Denver Colorado as a partner for a period of two years. His involvement in exclusive product development techniques, and in unique marketing strategies resulted in increased sales by 50%. He understood and recognized the need for focusing on a diverse group of communities for the benefit of the company as well as the community, and aspired to do the same.

  7. Having experienced success in numerous professional and personal ventures, Jeff was given the “Father of the Year” award in 2004 by the American Diabetes Association. He was given this award in recognition of his holistic success in the dedication and commitment to not only his family, but also to his career, fatherhood, and the Colorado Community.

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