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Sherill Leckenby, Christopher Lauchlan and Nicole Ferguson uni e-portfolio.

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  1. Social Media Applications

  2. Peckhams Peckham's is the trading name for a chain of specialist grocery stores owned by Peckham & Rye Ltd and with seven branches throughout Scotland, mainly in Glasgow where there are five branches. The stores stock different product such as delicatessen and off-sales which offers a large number of wines, spirits, and other drinks. Other grocery and non-food items are also available in many of the branches. Peckham's have three restaurants across the central belt in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen. There used to be a restaurant at the South Clerk Street branch of Edinburgh but it was redeveloped as a cookery school.

  3. Social Media Applications There are various different applications that are used in social media. These are: Google docs LinkedIn Myspace Instagram Flicker Whatsapp AOL Tumblr Skype Bebo Youtube Myspace Neebo

  4. Recommended Applications for Peckhams After discussing and evaluating all of the various applications that can be used we have recommended that Peckhams should use Youtube, Instagram and LinkedIn.

  5. Youtube About Youtube is a video sharing website that allows you to upload, view and share videos. It was created in 2005 by three former employees of PayPal. It is used worldwide by hundreds of thousands of people. 48 hours of videos are uploaded every minute which results in nearly 8 years of videos worth uploaded each day. Tens of millions of people have created Youtube channels which is your own page within Youtube where users can access your videos on your channel.

  6. Youtube Advantages It is the most popular video sharing website You can watch tutorials on areas of your choice Fast streaming Easy to use You can broadcast your videos/channel to millions There are high security settings if you choose to have your channel private You can become easily recognised Disadvantages Lots of traffic Occasional server problems Low resolution at times Anyone can upload a video therefore it may cause some people offence

  7. Youtube Why should Peckhams use Youtube? Youtube is a good website for Peckhams to use because there are millions of users with a Youtube account therefore there is a large audience with advertisement for Peckhams brand. Peckhams would be able to create their own channel and within it upload videos of any new hampers or recipes they may have. Instead of just showing a simple picture or an explanation of an item, Peckhams could be very hands on with uploading videos to their channel for their audience. Videos are very easy and quick to upload to Youtube therefore can be done with a click of a button. It is a very effective way of widening their fan base. Peckham's

  8. Instagram Instagram is an online photo sharing social networking site and an application on smartphones/tablets. Instagram is used to post pictures and you can choose a filter which will change the effect of the picture to adjust the colour and brightness of the picture. Instagram is always updating as they always introduce different filters. Instagram was bought over by Facebook recently. This allows companies such as Peckham's to post pictures of their food from Instagram to their Facebook feed.

  9. Instagram Advantages It would allow Peckham's to post pictures of their food which could entice customers into coming to their deli. This could gain more customers. Instagram has a photo map – this could allow Peckham's to post pictures from different branches of their delis. Instagram is a good marketing tool as Peckham's could run competitions via Instagram. The use of hashtags allows them to categorise their pictures into food, drink or any other service which they provide. Sometimes pictures are easier for a company to post rather than writing a full length blog as customers may pay more attention to visuals. Its a free method of advertising.

  10. Instagram Disadvantages The disadvantage of Instagram is you cannot access it to post pictures via a web browser. It has to be accessed through a tablet or smartphone if you want to post a picture.

  11. LinkedIn LinkedIn is the worlds largest professional network as it has over 200 million members across many different companies. LinkedIn is a business-oriented social network that was launched in May 2003 In a similar way to Twitter, LinkedIn allows both the public and other companies to follow you

  12. LinkedIn The advantages for Peckhams using a LinkedIn account would be: The account can be used to advertise new products and receive feedback from customers and competitors what think of the products As most businesses world-wide use LinkedIn Peckhams could use this to search and build relationships with new suppliers Using LinkedIn would help enhance the professional image that Peckhams have created

  13. LinkedIn A disadvantage of Peckhams using LinkedIn is that it is used by professionals therefore the person in charge of keeping the account up-to-date would have to know how the application works and how companies similar to Peckhams have laid out their account. The account will have to be keep up-to-date and maintained to ensure it looks professional

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