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The Basics of Technology


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The Basics of Technology

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  1. The Basics of Technology PowerPoint Lesson #1

  2. The Kinds Of Computers There are essentially 4 categories of Computers

  3. Servers • One “main-mast” server • Holds huge amounts of information • Usually the center of a network • Maintains integrity of attached/detached network computers • Hold a little bit of data for each computer • Controls the entire infrastructure • Sometimes can be connected to via a Remote Desktop Connection

  4. Did You Know? • The “Internet” is…. • Not one big server • It is actually all of our computers hooked together by connections • Not owned by one person • All of us own it equally • A connection to websites • Every website is stored on a server somewhere. The only thing controlled by the government is the domain name (ex: http://www.domainname.com)

  5. Desktops • A desktop is…. • More commonly referred to as a Personal Computer (PC) • A single computer that connects to a network • A hardware group consisting of • A Monitor (if included) • A CPU • A Keyboard • A Mouse • Smaller than a Server by far!

  6. Laptops • A Laptop is… • A portable computer • Smaller than a Desktop • This makes its limiting factor weight and size: • Less capabilities for larger and better components • More fragile • Less upgrade capability • Does not run off of a continuous AC power supply • A device that connects to the internet via wireless adapter/card • Usually combines mouse, keyboard, and monitor

  7. More Did You Know? • An Adapter is a device that connects to a computer to give it extra functionality: • An Internet Connection • A RJ-45 Connection (Wired Connection) • Some extra hardware connection • A Router is a device that intercept wireless pings (connection attempts) and (upon connection) transfers data to and from the connected device. • Connection to the “Internet” can be achieved in the following ways: • Wireless Adapter  Router  Internet • RJ-45 Connection  Router or RJ-45 Outlet  Internet • Dial-Up  Internet • Dial-Up  Modem (allows for greater speed)  Internet • Wireless DeviceWireless Tower  Internet

  8. Portable Devices • Any device that utilizes basic input commands and gives out a result (output). • Types of Portable Devices: • Cell Phones • MP3 Players • PDA’s • Walk – and - Talkies • Calculators • Etc. • Some of these devices can access the internet but others cannot: • To have internet: Must have internal or external internet adapter • Most Common: Cell Phones

  9. Please Take the Quiz • There is a brief quiz after this to see how much you learned. Please use it to your advantage.

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