arica harbour 22sas tactics l.
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arica harbour attacking rush tactics

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map overview
Map - Overview

RP = Rush Point

  • Before commencing squad members will:
    • Have been allocated into their squads (This presentation is based on two 4 man squads -Alpha/Bravo)
    • Designate a squad leader (SL). SL role:
      • Coordinate squad attacks
      • Act as principal spawn point
      • Spot/communicate
      • Limited cover fire
notes cont
Notes Cont.
  • Squad members roles:
    • Do your best and have fun!
    • Follow outline strategy in this tactics guide to the best of your ability
    • Communicate/spot = keep relevant and punchy (if possible!!!)
    • Use your selected class perks where possible (revive/heal/ammo/repair etc)
    • KILL KILLKILLmuhahahahahaha
rp1 attacking
RP1 - Attacking
  • Note Vehicles:
    • 3no. Abrahams MBTs
    • 2no. HUMVEEs
    • 1no. Bugee
  • Alpha Squad
    • Objective – MCOMM A
    • Takes Left flank
    • SL keeps spawn on

cabins to left of

A as shown in screenshot.

    • SM’s attack A from this


  • Bravo Squad
    • SL attacks right

Hand flank

    • Establish spawn

Point behind/to right

Of first green cabin

In this screenshot.

SM’s pick off inf &

Attack MCOMM B

    • Using opposite

Cabin to sandwich

Suppressive fire on


rp2 attacking
RP2 - Attacking
  • Alpha Squad
    • As soon as RP2

becomes available

Quickly flank left

Down the hill using


    • SL uses building(s)

Opposite objective

    • Be aware of

Stationary AT position

On top of construction

Site if armour is active

  • Bravo Squad
    • Push right flank


    • Support Alpha

By engaging inf/armour

From elevated position

    • Push objective B
    • When taken, move

Down street ready to

Flank right to RP3

rp3 attacking
RP3 - Attacking
  • Alpha Squad
    • Push down to A, SL using 2nd stacked cabin shown below as a Spawn Point/observation.
    • Use hill/rocks to left for route to objective
  • Bravo Squad
    • Continue around the far right of the map using low fence line/single brick building as cover and spawn point for attacking objective B in the destroyed bus
rp4 attacking
RP4 - Attacking
  • Alpha Squad
    • Push onto A using bridge or flank route on right.
    • Ensure you blow out front train carriage to kill waiting defenders
    • Once armed, suppress with grenades (hand/40mm etc)
  • Bravo Squad
    • Attack MCOMM B using left hand route shown below (drop down from bridge, break wire fence)
    • SL to maintain spawn behind blue hoarding shown in screenshot behind enemy position

Note how this train carriage door can be blown open revealing a stationary AT – between RP4 and RP5 – worth remembering!

rp5 last stand attacking
RP5 (Last Stand) - Attacking
  • Alpha Squad
    • Pushes straight on targeting objective A on ground floor
    • SL to maintain spawn behind/near yellow skips in screen shot below
    • Note position of heavy MG/Stationary AT on 1st/2nd floors
    • Cover stairwells from position indicated and shoot enemy in back of head as they run upstairs. Grenades are also effective
  • Bravo Squad
    • Pushes down right behind trains and maintain spawn behind/far left of objective B on 1st floor.
    • Note enemy spawn points behind cabin/rocks to right of this position – pick off as they run into defend MCOMMS