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Carefree Living in Park homes

An extensive selection of retirement park homes; not only are you moving to a secure community, you're living the park home lifestyle…

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Carefree Living in Park homes

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  1. Carefree Living in Park Homes After Retirement

  2. We are planning to purchase a Park Home after retirement

  3. Today, park homes are well made, well insulated, secured and with low running costs. Mostly located in country sides these houses offer peace and tranquillity. Some parks are reserved only for seniors.

  4. Buying a Retirement Park Home Factors to consider for purchasing a Constructed park home Factors to consider before investing In an under-construction • Closely look at the models of Park Homes • Ask for agreements from the seller • Know about park rules in details • Pay a token amount to reserve the plot • Look around the area • Get a knowledge of the locality • Future value of the house • Age and condition of the home

  5. Specifications That You Must Know • Pay special attention to know the amenities. Nearest supermarket, post office, bus routes, bank, petrol station and others • Seek legal; advice before making the purchase • Insure your home after purchase • Connections and billing for electricity, gas, water and sewerage • Payment of taxes

  6. Facilities That You Can Expect Modern Park Homes have • Double Glazed Windows • Central heating • Fully furnished • Wide screen plasma television • Phone lines • Cable television

  7. Inheritance of Park Homes • With the approval of park owners park home can be sold in open market • Park homes can be passed-on in a will • The heirs can sell the home also if their age does not match park restrictions

  8. …….And we end up with our dream Park Home

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