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this presentation talks about me, my dreams, and how i soon want to be famous and get discovered.

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  1. FranceskAThe future Queen of pop

  2. My name is FranceskA Castor and I am the future superstar and legend. I been wanting to be a celebrity since I was eleven and now I’m fifteen and I haven’t stopped dreaming since. Even though I have been bullied since I was thirteen and had been greatly depressed and developed low self-esteem I finally overcome that and have faith and confidence in myself to move on.

  3. Who am I?

  4. I’m a Haitian-American female teen who’s 5’8 and loves to sing and act. I was born in February 8, 1998 and raised in a loving family. I wouldn’t know what I’ll do without my parents, they tell me everyday that I’m beautiful and that I will be something huge one day and I know I will. When I do get discovered I’ll work hard for them and my siblings because all I really want to do is make my family happy and proud that I am their daughter/sister.

  5. When did I decided I wanted to be a celebrity?

  6. I decided I wanted to be a celebrity in June 25, 2009 after the death of one of the greatest artist in history Michael Jackson. Sadly, I never knew Michael until he died but my parents loved him since they were kids. I wanted to know more about him so I looked him up and the first music video I saw of him was “Billie Jean” and after I saw that video it changed me and made me finally realize what I wanted to be…A singer.

  7. Time to shine! • I never knew that I could sing until the month of October in my elementary school, Sims. I auditioned to be in their first talent show and I made it. In the night of the show I was wearing a glittery outfit that sparked the stage and sang “Rock with you” By Michael Jackson. I dance and sang with passion even though I was extremely nervous. As I finished I blew the audience a kiss and left the stage. The surprising part was…Everyone was on their feet. And that’s when I knew I was meant to perform.

  8. Dreams that I hope will turn to reality! • I have many dreams that I'm addicted to dreaming everyday and know that will happen one day! JANET JACKSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. “Cheater In Disguise” • This is the title of the song that I’m gonna sing one day with Janet Jackson (One of my most favorite female artists). This song is about two women (Janet and I) who found out that they have both been with the same guy and decided not to fight over him and stick together to plot their revenge. I have always wanted to meet Janet she is one of my greatest influences. It will be a great honor to be able to sing this song with her.

  10. GIVE IT UP FOR BEYONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. “I AM MISS BEAUTIFUL” • This is the title of the song that I’m gonna sing with Beyoncé (another one of my favorite female artist) one day. This song is made to empower women all over the world and let them know that there is no reason for low self-esteem for we are all beautiful in our own special way. I have always loved Beyoncé’ ever since I first heard her song “Irreplaceable” and it will really mean a lot to me to meet her and sing this duet with her.

  12. Other people I will have a duet with who I admire! (:



  15. TREY SONGZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. My Crush

  17. FranceskA and Diggy (The younger version of Beyoncé and Jay-z ) • I’m not a crazy or obsessed fan but I really like Diggy Simmons. The song that made me fell in love with him was “Do it like you” just the way the music starts is really creative. I would love to be able to get to know him more and to one-day have a duet.

  18. “Love is what you do” • This is the title of the song I will sing with Diggy. It’s a love song that will be compared to Beyoncé and Jay-z “Crazy in love” song. I hope that while I do this song with Diggy that I will get to know him and win a Grammy together.

  19. I will be able to win more than eight Grammys in one night! And I know in order for this to happen I have to work really hard and have huge faith and confidence in my Myself.

  20. Contact info: • If you are someone who can make my dreams come true please contact me and make me the happiest girl in the world! • Cell-phone: 678-748-0149 (text only) • Home phone: 678-975-7335 • Thank you so much! God bless (:

  21. FranceskA…the future legend

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