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What is a weblog?

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  1. Group 1’s PresentationWeblogs in the Classroom

  2. Table of Contents 1 3 2 How are blogs being used in the classroom? What are the benefits of classroom blogs? What is a blog? Group 1 Presentation: Weblogs

  3. 1 What is a blog? Group 1 Presentation: Weblogs

  4. What is a blog? • A blog is a website in which items are posted on a regular basis and displayed in reverse chronological order. • The term blog is a shortened form of weblog or web log. • Authoring a blog, maintaining a blog or adding an article to an existing blog is called “blogging”. • Individual articles on a blog are called “blog posts,” “posts” or “entries”. • A person who posts these entries is called a “blogger”. • A blog comprises text, hypertext, images, and links (to other web pages and to video, audio and other files).

  5. Different Blog Sites What is a blog? – Blog Sites

  6. 2 What are the benefits of using classroom blogs? Group 1 Presentation: Weblogs

  7. Benefits of Classroom Blogs • Weblogs can enhance and deepen learning that students receive. (pg 32 – Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms, 3rd Edition) • Helps build communication and collaboration among students and teachers. (Pg 12, Blog on Article) • A great motivation tool Educators can use for their students to learn and participate in class and at home. • A way to have parents be up to date with what their child is learning in the classroom.

  8. Benefits of Classroom Blogs • As students communicate in the blog, they question and challenge each other’s thinking, leading to deeper and more meaningful interaction than previously afforded during individual journaling. • (Pg14, Blog on Article)

  9. 3 How are blogs being used in the classroom? Group 1 Presentation: Weblogs

  10. Educators can use blogs for many different reasons in the classroom • Class Portal • Online Filing Cabinet • E-Portfolio • Collaborative Space • Knowledge Management • School Website

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