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  1. Scabaras By Hedge

  2. Origin of Scabaras I • The fourth day of Tumeken’s Dream • He journeys to the south of the desert • He rests in a cave • A beetle was in the cave • Three times it dug through the wall, only to dig back through • Tumeken caught the beetle and transformed it into Scabaras

  3. Day, the Fourth – Scabaras On the fourth day of his dream, Tumeken chose to travel to the south of the desert. Not much was to be found in that region, but it was the last place unexplored by him, and so he set out. The heat was particularly fierce that day, but regardless, Tumeken pressed on through endless dunes. Hours passed without event. Not a single soul crossed the god's path; not one lone settlement. Yet the sun still bore down on the god, sweltering and desiccating him. Tumeken reached for his skin, for Elid's life-blood, but found it empty - he had drained it on his previous travels, forgetting to refill it each day. Knowing his predicament, he knew he had to seek shelter from the heat and wait out the day, lest he himself succumb to the desert. As he was nearing his limits, his grateful eyes fell upon a lone tunnel entrance, which delved deep below the desert, providing him a cool place in which to recuperate. Many more hours passed within this cave, providing the god with ample time in which to reflect forlornly. During this time, he saw a small beetle burrow his way into the chamber, but noticing Tumeken, the creature burrowed away. An hour later, the beetle emerged out of another tunnel, but seeing the god still there, disappeared once again. Yet another hour passed and the beetle returned, but Tumeken was ready this time, snatching up the cautious little thing and said: "You are, indeed, the most unusual being, digging your tunnels in isolation, avoiding contact even with me, your god. I shall give unto you a piece of myself, so that you may help me rule this desert realm, an example to my people of what can become of them, should they stray too far into solitude." And so, the lesser god Scabaras was forcibly born, the last of the lesser gods. And Tumeken longed again to see his wife and children, and was impassioned by Scabaras to end his dream. For, despite their flaws, they were no more flawed than he. Night had now fallen, so, after emerging from the cave, Tumeken returned to his camp at the centre of the desert, not to rest for another day's journey, but to awaken from his dream. — The Book of Light and Day

  4. Origin of Scabaras II • Tumeken had a nightmare • Scabaras was born from this nightmare

  5. Origin of Scabaras III • On the fourth day of his dream, Tumeken sought to create the perfect god • Thus he created Scabaras • Scabaras was claimed to be Tumeken’s favorite son

  6. Banishment • Scabaras was worshiped in Menaphos and Sophanem, and possibly in Uzer and Ullek • Scabars disobeyed the Edicts of Guthix • Followers dug under the Elid, enraging Elidness • Forcefully banished by the Menaphites • His blood turned the scarabs into kalphites

  7. The Kharib-Ib • Scabaras created quicksand pits to prevent Amascut from stealing the famous gem • The player thwarts Scabaras’s plans by obtaining the gem anyway • It is unknown what his motives were

  8. Sophanem • The high priest of Scabaras had a vision that all non-scarabs must be eliminated • Attempted to gain access to Sophanem via the dungeon below the city • Destroyed the bank, then retreated • The high priest was under the influence of Amascut

  9. The End

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