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  1. Diego Escudero: The three essentials in my life: People + People + People I tend to be the designated cooker among friends and family; fortunately, I love it! I find cooking to be the best way to join people together and have a great time. Teaching my nephew how to fish, successfully! His astonishment was worth the long hours under the sun. Cooking an “asado” for family and friends at my father’s house; we always have vegetarian options! Showing exchange students around “La Boca”, here in Buenos Aires and learning salsa from them (they were from Colombia and Venezuela), after an “asado” (an Argentine type of BBQ). I think of food and music as being an essential part of culture, so we cooked an “asado” for them and they taught us how to dance salsa and merengue.

  2. Giving back Having our typical afternoon snack after our weekly “juegoteca” session. A space we create every weekend where children can be children, at least for a couple of hours a week. Working out a solution with a squad member for a problem we would have when placing the door. With the Johnson & Johnson Consumer team about to put the roof top of one of the 3 houses built. Improvising a sketch for the children of “Los Pinos” low-resource neighborhood for “Children’s Day”. We performed a play and also got a bunch of laughs out of the crowd.

  3. Learning from sports Fly-fishing: Patience, read the environment and understand what is going on. Devise your tactics and work hard to implement them flawlessly. As the great Bobby Jones once said: “Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots - but you have to play the ball where it lies”. Golf teaches you to play your best with what you’ve got. Feeling nerves means it matters. Nothing better to tame those nerves than to have “control” over the situation.

  4. Travelling: discovering new worlds, living defining experiences, meeting amazing people Trouble with our 4x4 (that turned out to be a 2x4) at Costa Rica. At this precise moment I was convincing my friends to try, once again, to get the SUV out, instead of walking 18 km to the nearest town… Teaching my friends to dive during a 2 week sailing trip around the BVI´s. Absolute paradise! Jumping from a 25mts waterfall in Moncte-zuma, Costa Rica. Terrifying from the top, but complete-ly worth it. With the people of Chincheros, Perú, during a 4 week trip to know the Andean people and their culture. We were a group of 25, backpacking through Bolivia and Perú. We stayed 4 days at Chincheros working the land, cooking, and living their everyday rituals, getting to know their profound respect for nature.