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  1. Sody-Pop and Mentos http://freesurfingworld.info storyboard

  2. History of Mentos • First popularized by Steve Spangler on 9News in 2005. which resulted in Internet coverage of the incident • (Slide show of mentos and cokes with audio in backround)

  3. History of Mentos • Every since then people have posted thousands of videos on you tube • (explosion montage) • Even Discover channel got in on the action and had an entire episode of mythbusters dedicated to mentos • (picture of mythbuster guys)

  4. Chemical Explanation • The driving force behind mentos and coke is a process called nucleation • (explosion montage continued) • In other words, Nucleation is the formation of CO2 • (explosion montage continued)

  5. Chemical Explanation • The surface of the mint Mentos is littered with many small holes, allowing CO2 bubbles to form very rapidly and in great quantity, eventually causing a violent jet of soda • Close up of mentos • colored mentos have a wax glazing on them which inhibits the magnitude of the explosion • Side by side comparison of mentos

  6. Experiment Proving CO2 is driving force behind nucleation • Here we are testing whether or not CO2 plays a role in the jet effect • (experiment in backround) • As we shake the soda, the balloon expands. The gas filling the balloon is CO2 • (experiment) • When we place the mentos into the soda, there is no reaction because there is no CO2

  7. Other Sodas • However, is the CO2 the only factor in creating the jet effect ? • (Pan out to other soda experiments)

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