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  1. Netspire Luke Sherrell - Thomas Anastasiades - Janet Anukam - Raymond Ma

  2. Our Vision Bridging the need for a student oriented, professionalnetworking environment that is both relevantand personal to the individual saw the creation of ‘Netspire’ • Vimeo, Flickr, Soundcloud - Easy to feel lost amongst the mass surge of data and varied users. • Netspire was set up to filter, network and project a voice amongst all this, ensuring the right environment for professional and personal feedback. • Absence of a tailor specific, professional social meeting ground for students. • Self Promotion, Networking and Learning platform Netspire

  3. The Netspire Concept A digital magazine that keeps you updated, inspired and connected but also gives you the power to inspire others. • Initially focusing on Lincoln as a launch pad • From conceptual architecture to fine art – caters for all the creative fields • Interactivity and imbedded media content imbedded within; • A publishing and editing ethos - Functional as well as visually stimulating • Newly featured works, topics and themed articles • A live digital network that is personal to each student’s social contacts, tastes and area of speciality. Netspire

  4. What Makes Us Different? • Netspire operates as an all-in-one media showcase with embedded social networking. • We will provide regular competitions and briefs for our users to engage with and gain experience from. • Will serve as an online portfolio for the users. • Focus on building a communityof creative students that are encouraged to share and collaborate with one another. Netspire

  5. Target Audience • Primary University and College Students • Other people working or interested in creative fields • Employers looking to hire creative individuals or specialist producers • Universities and other educational establishments Netspire

  6. Skrapbook • Created in 2010 by Richard Bawler (23) and Mark Groves (22), Aston University graduates • An online portfolio website which provides UK based creative individuals the opportunity to showcase and promote their works and creativity. • Designed for users to benefit from the locality of its UK-based service. • Uncovers opportunities and connects directly with employers near users. Netspire

  7. EveryCreative • Brings the design and creative communities closer together • Offers work experience anywhere in the world by presenting portfolios online • Creative companies can also source the right person for their specific needs • It supports talented designers and gives them the opportunity to gain employment on both a freelance basis and also within established design agencies. Netspire

  8. Behance • Leading design-focused technology company that is changing the face of the creative industries.  • Showcases profiles for it’s users with an advanced rewards system • It powers creative networks for businesses and school. • Distributes work to other online galleries • Is synced with ProSite, a professional personal portfolio site builder Netspire

  9. Research Which of the following social media platforms do you currently make use of? Netspire

  10. Research cont’d Which of the following devices do you use to connect to the internet? Netspire

  11. Research cont’d If a new social networking platform with the purpose of allowing students to showcase their own creative work was proposed to you, which name would you find more appealing? Netspire

  12. Feedback and Correspondence “Employers currently advertise to students and graduates internally (uolcareers and job shop) completely free of charge” “Look into alternative funding options such as Princes Trust, the Enterprise scheme and the new social enterprise scheme” - Helen McCarron “One of my key research interests focuses on the exploration and development of collaborative working practices and methodologies within the UK arts and culture sectors” “I would like to share your proposal with my colleagues in the College of Arts Research and Enterprise team at our next meeting on Thursday as I think the proposal connects centrally with our current priority areas. - Chris Heighton Netspire

  13. Website Usability & Navigation • Home Page– Featuring a showcase of the most impressive submissions by users • Discover– Search function with applicable filters for users to find relevant or inspiring creative works • User Profiles– Will showcase all submissions by the user, any personal information the user may wish to disclose and act as a communication platform for anyone wanting to make contact • Creative Briefs –Premium users can browse through the latest creative briefs provided by companies or organisations and upload their own submissions • Competitions– Generated in-house to encourage creativity and offering prizes for first, second and third place entries (free premium subscriptions etc) • Forum – Essential for building a community based upon creative collaboration and showcasing Netspire

  14. Branding Concept • Modern, clean cut and artistic with a distinct character akin to the graphic art appeal a magazine would have if printed. • Not pigeon hole one appeal aspect but rather cater for all through conveying a fresh and modern sense of professionalism. • Hints of artistic character through the use of graphic art and inspired typography • Stylistic charm – page curl/folds & scrapbook collection. Netspire

  15. App Design App designed with a clear and concise theme in mind, showcasing work as thumbnails with click-through options. Netspire

  16. Finance Income will be generated primarily through the following methods… • Advertising on website, app and e-flyers • Sale of Premium Accounts to users, organisations and companies • Commission from user content sales Netspire

  17. Finance Initial set-up costs may be steep, however after the website is set up, maintenance and management costs would be low as most the content is user generated. • Website Design & Development • App Development • Web Hosting • Advertising Netspire

  18. Promotion and Future Presence Initial promotion and advertising for Netspire will be in Lincoln and will utilize the following methods: • On Campus advertising • Local Newspapers • Radio Stations • Posters & Flyers – QR Codes • Event Stands (eg. fresher’s fayre) • Social Networkss Netspire

  19. Market Risks • Copyright Considerations • Account transaction/fraud & Refund Policy • Data Protection • Competitors Netspire

  20. Time Scales Netspire

  21. Thank you for your time, any questions? Netspire