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Mindfire Solutions provides expert off-shore Ruby on Rails development services which is an open-source web application framework for Ruby programming language that enables developers to build dynamic, data-driven applications and hence generates sustainable efficiency.

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Ror an introduction l.jpg
RoR: An Introduction

  • It is an open source web application framework for the Ruby programming language.

  • Intended to be used with an Agile Development methodology.

  • Uses MVC architecture.

  • Separated into various packages

    - Active Record

    - Active Resource

    - Action Pack

    - Active Support and

    - Action Mailer.

  • Installed using RubyGems and integrated with dB server like Apache and MySQL.

Ror features l.jpg
RoR: Features

  • Database Access Library.

  • Libraries for common task.

  • AJAX Library.

  • Convention over Configuration.

  • Customized URL.

  • Debugging.

  • Components.

Our services l.jpg
Our Services

  • Ruby on Rails custom application development.

  • Ruby on Rails web-based application development.

  • Ruby on Rails porting and migration.

  • Ruby on Rails QA/testing.

Additional services l.jpg
Additional Services

  • Helping customers set up their account to use Rails.

  • Setting up the hosts for the customer's site with required entries so that their application will run on mongrel, Lighttpd, Apache.

  • Starting up the server instances for the client's application.

  • Making sure that all server instances are up after a server reboot.

  • Setting up the hosts for the customer's domain for SVN access.

  • Making necessary ownership changes on SVN repositories so that it can be edited via HTTP or SVN+SSH.

  • Setting up the hosts for the customer's domain for tracking access and helping them set up admin privileges.

  • Helping customers use Capistrano with their SVN repository.

  • Deploying applications for customers

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Contact Us

For RoR related queries Contact

[email protected]