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Comm 140 Comm Dev

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Communication Development Campaign

12 September 2012

Communication 140

Dr. Rene Guioguio

Angeles, Eleanor Joy

Belen, Allana Roxane

Lopez, Viveka

Romana, Maria Fidela Diosa

Santos, Alexandria Maria Francia

Tañaquin, Annicalou

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HowdoestheEarth look now?

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Why so sad?

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Thisenvironmentalcampaignfocusesontheissue of littering and theirresponsible use of plasticwhich are one of theleading causes of environmentaldestruction.

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Thiscampaignisimportantsinceitholds a relevantmessagethatmustbedisseminatedduetoourcountry’sdireneed of environmentalprotection.

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Thisisverytimely and pertinentbecause of therecentcalamitiesournation has faced. Thoughlittering and irresponsible use of plastic are nottheonlyreasonsforsuchdisasters, it stands tobe a majorpoint of concernforoursociety.

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Target Audience

Primary TA:

Children (ages 4-12)

Secondary TA:



Persons of authority

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This campaign aims to teach children how to reject the practice of littering and how to use plastic in a responsible way (i.e., recycling, reducing, re-using, and other possible methods).

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The goal of this campaign is to disseminate the message of the call for behavioral change which will ensure the protection of our environment, and eventually our safety.

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Strategy & Duration

Thiscampaignwillbeusing multimedia materialstoeffectivelycommunicateitsgoals. Sincethecampaignwillrunforonly 6 months, active use of all media is a waytoensuretheefficiency of informationdissemination.

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  • Posters & Fliers

2. Storybook

3. PSA (PublicServiceAnnouncement)

4. Cartoons (for TV)

5. Online Campaign

6. Events

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Posters & FLiers

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Posters & FLiers

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Posters & FLiers

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PSA (PublicServiceAnnouncement)

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PSA (PublicServiceAnnouncement)

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PSA (PublicServiceAnnouncement)

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Cartoons (for TV)

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Cartoons (for TV)

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Cartoons (for TV)

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Online Campaign

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Online Campaign

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Online Campaign

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Partners & Coordination

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Partners & Coordination

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Thank you! We hope to work with you in making the Earth Green again.

Eyo, Ali, Veka, Diosa, Alex and Anica