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Samantha-listening activity

self introduction/listening activity

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Samantha-listening activity

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  1. What is your English teacher’s name? Samantha

  2. Which country is Samantha from?What is Samantha’s nationality? USA

  3. What STATE does Samantha live in?

  4. What is one thing Wisconsin known for?

  5. What “great” city does Samantha live in?

  6. Name two things Milwaukee is known for?

  7. Which university did Samantha graduate from?

  8. What are the three passions of Samantha?

  9. Name one of the three class expectations. • Be respectful • Be an active participant • Be the difference

  10. What is the important saying that was taught to the students in the movie Sister Act 2? “If you want to be somebody If you want to go somewhere You better wake up and pay attention!!!”

  11. Introduce A Friend • “This is ___(name)_____.” • “His/Her passions are: • (1) __________________ AND • (2) __________________”

  12. I Can Write My NAMEfrom 한글to Roman Characters Vowels ㅏㅓㅗㅜㅡㅣㅐㅔㅟㅑㅕㅛㅠㅐㅘ aeooooeueeaewiyayeoyoyuyae wa ㅙㅝㅞㅢ waewuhwe uee Consonants ㄱㅋㄷㅌㅂㅍㅈㅊㅅㅎㄴㅁㅇㄹ g k d t b p j ch s h n m ng r,l

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