your easy step by step peace of mind to identity theft recovery avoidance n.
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Safeguarding Your Identity PowerPoint Presentation
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Safeguarding Your Identity

Safeguarding Your Identity

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Safeguarding Your Identity

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  1. Your Easy Step-by-Step Peace of Mind to Identity Theft Recovery & Avoidance Lost or Stolen Wallet?No Problem!

  2. In the Beginning… • Wallets were originally simple cases for knick-knacks but evolved due to growing needs. • Today there is an increasing desire to carry more of our personals even when not needed. • So much activity that can be done it’s easier to have everything with you at all times.

  3. Oh No! It’s Gone! • Carrying too much in your wallet exposes you to more damage when lost. • Statistics show it is one of the most emotionally devastating experiences. • People hold out hope that their wallet will be returned. In most cases it doesn’t happen.

  4. The Evil Signs • Unexpected calls from creditors for unknown purchases. • Unexplainable credit card transactions. • Bills stop arriving. • Rejection notices when applying for credit despite having a clean credit record.

  5. Steps to Securing Your Identity • Credit Cards: Phone your provider and report it lost/stolen. A new one will be reissued. • Gift Cards: Contact customer service and they will transfer existing balance and reissue a new card. • Credit Bureaus: Order free credit reports from Equifax and TransUnion to monitor your history.

  6. Steps to Securing Your Identity (cont.) • Pins and Passwords: Change all pins and passwords if you carried reminder notes in your wallet that revealed them. • Police Report: File a report to help in recovering IDs and to help prove your case of theft to creditors. • SIN/SSN Reporting: Notify the government so they can flag and reissue a new card (if this card was in your wallet)

  7. Steps to Securing Your Identity (cont.) • Investment Accounts: Login credentials kept in your wallet for discount brokers like Questrade should be changed promptly. • Driver’s License: Visit your nearest DMV to get a quick replacement. • Health Card: Alert your provider so they can monitor activity.

  8. Final Tips • Endless array of IDs one may be carrying. The key is to only carry what you need and leave the rest at home in a secure place. • Only need to carry a driver’s license, health card, credit card, debit card, and a small amount of cash. • When you lose your IDs always take action immediately. This will limit future damage.