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Leadership of CB sisters

The members of Leadership of CB sisters.

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Leadership of CB sisters

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  1. In serviceto our community and its mission, some sisters are called to assume the function of authority. This is exercised at every level of the Congregation: at the local level by the local superior or a sister – in charge, at the provincial level by the provincial superior, c.q. vice provincial superior or regional superior, at the Congregation level by the general superior. (Const. 111) LEADERSHIP

  2. General Board(2011 - 5 August 2017) Sr Hetty SrJane Ann SrLisbeth Sr Rosaria

  3. Sr Rosaria NurHardiningsih: general superior • SrLisbethCicihRatwasih: vice-general superior • Sr Jane Ann Aballe: board member • SrHetty Sri Widjajanti: board member

  4. Provincial Board of the Netherlands(2011 - 25 November 2017) Sr Angelica SrVincenza SrGuiseppo

  5. SrGuiseppoJonkman: provincial superior • SrVincenzaPranawanti: vice-provincial superior • Sr Angelica van Valkengoed: board member

  6. Provincial Board of Indonesia(2011 – 9 October 2017) SrYustiana SrYesina Sr Carolina SrKrispiani SrYosefine

  7. Sr Carolina Nuryati: provincial superior • SrYustianaWiwikIswanti: vice-provincial superior • SrKrispianiSukarwanti : board member • SrYesinaSumarni : board member • SrYosefineKusumaHastuti : board member

  8. Regional Board of Tanzania (2011 - 5 August 2017)

  9. SrBernadetha C. Kessy: regional superior • Sr Marie Jose Voeten : board member • Sr Hanna Henny: board member

  10. Regional Board of the Philippines (2011 - 4 November 2015) SrHeddy SrNerisa Sr Rachel

  11. Sr Maria Heddy Salvador: regional superior • SrNerisa Jayme : board member • Sr Rachel Real : board member

  12. Regional Board of East Indonesia (2010 - 7 October 2013)

  13. SrGorettiWahyuningsih: regional superior • SrPatromanaWea : board member • SrIgnatineUdjulawa : board member

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