accommodating and handling corporate inquiries l.
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Accomodation Handling

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Answer the call in a corporate and friendly way to build trust with your clients.

Acknowledge the call, then mention your name and the company they are calling to.

“Thank you for calling Bitstop, this is _________. How may I help you?


Ready your materials

  • Always be ready with:
  • a pen and paper
  • an opened browser
  • References (brochures or PDF files)
  • calculator

Listen and Ask

Listen to the initial information that the client gives you such as name and company. It is not a good impression that you ask them again.

Listen carefully of what the client has to say and try to, as much as you can, understand what the call was intended for.

Ask about their requirements. Get as much as information you can get to attend to his/her inquiry.

Ask about their contact details like email and contact number; in case the call cuts-off, you can call them back.



Build a commitment to your clients such as offering them follow-up calls or meetings regarding their inquiry.

Try to ask them if is there’s anything else you can help them with.


Terminating the call

Don’t forget to thank the client for calling.

Mention the client’s name to let them feel they are remembered for that particular inquiry.