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Kindle Publishing Guidelines for Kindle Publishers Revealed

The Kindle publishing guidelines are complex but important for any potential Kindle writer or publisher to understand. If you contravene them, your book will probably be rejected at the review stage (before going live on the site) and in some cases, you could risk being banned from the Kindle publishing site.

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Kindle Publishing Guidelines for Kindle Publishers Revealed

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  1. Kindle Publishing Guidelines For Kindle Publishers Revealed

  2. Kindle Publishing Guidelines • It is complex but very important to Kindle writers/ publishers • If you go against them: • Your book can be rejected • You could be banned from Kindle publishing site http://amyharrop.com/

  3. Here are some of the Kindle publishing guidelines to help you around this minefield. http://amyharrop.com/

  4. No pornography • Erotica is different from pornography • It is a term more often used for images and videos. • Amazon sells fiction that contains erotic written scenes • If publishing erotica, avoid illustrating it with pornographic pictures http://amyharrop.com/

  5. No offensive material • Material that is provocatively racist • Erotica containing descriptions of scenes involving children or animals • Amazon can ban anything that they don’t like http://amyharrop.com/

  6. No illegal material • You cannot publish for Kindle anything that encourages people to break the law, e.g. a 'how to' book about an illegal activity. http://amyharrop.com/

  7. Privacy and celebrities • Kindle publishing guidelines does not allow: • anything that infringes a person's privacy • or that puts a real person in a bad light. http://amyharrop.com/

  8. Copied materials • Materials that is freely available on the internet such as images, software and books that are available with resell rights will not be accepted. • For materials that has already bee published, show that you have the publication rights. • You cannot publish something that you have no right to publish http://amyharrop.com/

  9. Public domain materials • Public domain materials CAN be published on Kindle • Amazon will reject it if they have several copies of the same thing • If you plan to publish public domain works on Kindle, try to offer something unique. http://amyharrop.com/

  10. These Kindle publishing guidelines can be very useful but they are subject to interpretation and can change at any time. Be sure check out the full Kindle publishing guidelines first before you proceed on publishing any material. http://amyharrop.com/

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