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Air Tickets India- Cheap Flights Tickets

Airticketsindia.com offers cheap flights tickets, cheap international air tickets, domestic airtickets, book flight tickets, lowest airfares along with the best deals and discounts for all leading airlines

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Air Tickets India- Cheap Flights Tickets

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  1. Copyrights @ www.airticketsindia.com

  2. TRAVEL INDIA www.airticketsindia.com is an online Travel Portal of Airtickets India Pvt., an IATA accredited Travel Company since 1996. www.airticketsindia.com is one of the first Online Travel Portals that has been launched in India with the state of the Art secured technology, with competitive International, Domestic & Low Cost Airlines (LCC) offering the confirmed lowest Air Fares as we are Airlines consolidators and have access to Airlines Live Inventory. Our system offers all fares with transparency including taxes with no hidden cost. https://www.facebook.com/airticketsindia https://twitter.com/Airticketsind http://www.youtube.com/user/airticketsindia http://www.airticketsindia.com/country-detail/id-228_india.html

  3. INDIA India has got its name from the Old Persian word Hindu. India is also commonly called as Bharat, originated from the name of ancient king Bharata in Hindu scriptures. India is a mixed land with innumerable cultures, languages and origins, but still a very united place. India is home to two major language families: Indo-Aryan and Dravadian. Posterior to China, India is the second country which has the highest population in the world.Over1.2billion of people dwell in this country. Indian economy is stationed as the tenth-largest country in terms of nominal GDP. India is considered as a newly industrialized country. India was under the dominion rule of British people for many years, governed mainly via British East India Company under the United Kingdom. India got independent in the year 1947. India is a delta of freedom fighters namely Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, LalBahadurShashtri, PanditJwaharLal Nehru and a never ending list, they all fought bravely on behalf of the Indian populace to get their nation back. India is the world’s bountiful, oldest and continuous civilization. It never assailed any country in its last one thousand years of past events. The game of chess was invented in this country. India is known as the world’s most booming democracy. The number system was formulated in India. Indians established Harappan culture over 5000 years ago when there were only nomadic forest dwellers in the country. India is a very different and unique country to visit from the rest of the world as it has plenty of unique things that lies under one land. Make your visit more valuable by booking cheap international tickets from Airticketsindia.com, as we offer you with the worthy international flights to make your trip more pleasurable.

  4. INDIA CULTURE : Indian culture is blessed with many religions, languages, traditions, customs, arts and values. A bulk of historians believes India to be the oldest civilization dwelling on earth. India is the habitat of religions like Jainism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Jainism. There are four national holidays in this country. India celebrates many festivals with full enthusiasm and zest namely Navratri, Diwali, DurgaPuja, Dussehra, Holi and GaneshChaturthi.

  5. INDIA CLIMATE : The climate conditions of India can be categorized into six climatic subtypes. The country is governed by four seasons: winter can be experienced in the months, summer season, monsoon season, and a post-monsoon

  6. INDIA FOOD : Indian food has a rich taste and is somewhat differentiated from the outside world not only in taste but by the way of cooking as well. It is a combination of innumerable cultures and age. Food of India is lavishly known for its spiciness.North Indian food includes baked breads like tandoori, naan and rumali etc. One of the major items here is saag. Then there is West Indian food which constitutes mainly Rajasthani, Gujarati and Maharashtra has a rich variety of flavors in their food. The East-Indian food is well known for its wonderful cooking style. The South Indian food includes a good use of fishes, spices and coconuts. To enjoy the mouthwatering food of this country, book your cheap flight tickets from Airticketsindia.com and experience a delightful journey as we give you the best international flights at low fares.

  7. INDIA SIGHTSEEING : India is blessed with all types of beautiful attractions. It has mind-blowing forts and palaces in Rajasthan like the Amber fort, Chittaurgarh fort, Taragarh fort, Jaisalmer fort etc. It has many ancient monuments like JantarMantar in Delhi and Tajmahal in Agra.India has beautiful beaches in Goa where the tourists can luxuriate themselves. South Indian states have many dazzling temples like Meenakshi Temple, Tirupati temple, Sabarimala Temple, Thousand Pillar temple and Lepakshi Temple etc. India has many wildlife parks and sanctuaries like Sunderbans Tiger reserve in West Bengal, Ranthambore National park in Rajasthan, Corbett National Park in the city Uttaranchal and Kaziranga National Park in Assam etc.  There are desert safari conducted in the areas of Jaisalmer, Jodhupur, Pushkar, Shekhawati regions and Bikaner. One of the divine abode in the world is stemmed in the city of Kashmir which offers the tourists with most alluring sites.

  8. INDIA TRANSPORTATION : Air- There are over 335 airports located in India. The ChhatrapatiShivaji International Airport plus Indira Gandhi International Airport handle immense air traffic in the South Asia. The best airlines in the country is the Emirates and the Jet Airways.Book your tickets from Airticketsindia.com, to get cheap International tickets and a low fare flight to enjoy your journey. Train- India has a very wide and extensive railway system. There are many trains connecting all the places in the country. Some cities like Delhi also have the Metro system for public transport. Bus- In all the major cities of India like Delhi, Pune and Ahemdabad have the Bus Rapid Transit and air conditioned buses for public transportation. Cities like Mumbai, Nagpur, and Chennai has High Capacity buses. Local buses for public transportation are available easily in all the major cities of India.

  9. About INDIA India is the best country to have some splendid time and to spend some commending time with the bliss of nature. This country has a diverse variety of many beautiful things. Airticketsindia.com is the impelling and the most comfortable means to travel in this ravishing place as it gives you the best pact by providing you with low fare tickets on the best international flights.


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