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Gia sou!


by Elafos d'Smyrni


There was a garden,

In a country far far away,

There lived a carrot,

Not real carrot,

But someone who looked like one...

She had 5 finger,

On every hand,

One head, and two legs...



actually would be quite weird,

If she were a real carrot...

Or even freaky, it would be...


So, Tati the Carrot,

Who is not really carrot, but very alike,

Was very small, well not so small,

but neither big, well, may be big, but for sure not huge...

Average size I dare to say...


Okay... in the garden Tati lived with apples, with roses and

Daisies, with chickens and ducks...

With lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes and cabbage,

And many more other staff...

Someday dear deers and bears with beers used to be passing by...

Since no other place they had to hang out,

Where they had a single chance to meet,

Daisies and roses, and chickens and carrots,

From farm...


Her every morning was as every morning...

And evening was evening as is...

Each day was as the day,

Which was one day



One day bored Carrot, yeah, that very carrot,

Decided a journey to make...

Away from her garden,

From roses and daisies,

From chickens, potatoes and ducks...


By the way those deers and bears,

Were not real bears and deers,

So beer was real,

And they were dear indeed...

So, Tati the Carrot started on the journey,

Her very first journey,

To her very own,

Republic of the Never-land...


Road there was scary and weary,

There were wolves and snakes...

There were high,well not very high,

But neither low mountains,

Rivers and lakes,

Wide, but not very wide...

Of average width I dare to say...


Once or twice,

Well, couple of times,

May be 30 or so,

Tati happened to lose her way...

She asked the way, to the bunch by the road,

Of beautiful daffodils...


Roses are red, Violets are violet,

(Sometimes considered blue),

But not everyone know,

What color are daffodils...

If red is passion, than blue is for sure - grief,

In such case, yellow is color of those who are meant

to deceive...

What I was say... ha!

So, daffodils were liars,

Their right was in fact carrot's left,

But not good liars,

Since the carrot was able to find her way...


Next obstacle was on that famous crossroad,

With stone presenting directions,

Which in fact were not precise,

Well, may be precise, but not too precise,

Okay, precise, but subjective I dare to say...


To be exact stone was saying....

“Go to the left – and you gonna be king. Do whatever you like, other carrots and apples and staff, will serve you and pray for your health and staff...

Go to the right – you will be rich as Croesus, well may be not so much, but definitely more than Bill Gates.

Go straight – take a shot, all we know of that path is that no one have ever come back...”

At first Tati the Carrot, went to the left, to be frank who never wished to wear a crown, well, may be not crown, at least a small very nice diadem...


Left was nice, since she came to a place,

where everyone worshiped her...

But, how could she be pleased with bows,

When still someone oppressed exists...

When there are slaves, and there weak,

How could she still be queen...

Her only order was to destroy,

Throne and the crown, and equal be from now on...

She, herself, came back to the stone, and dropped there a note:

“I traveled left, but I am still mortal, as I used to be...”.


Her second choice was the right,

Since money never can harm,

You can use them for good purpose,

Well, not all, may be half,

Quarter may be, if there are too much...

Okay not quarter, but anyway some of them.

Right road was leading to a golden mine, and Tati the carrot filled her pockets with as many carats

as an average carrot could carry...

But a penny to a beggar who seemed blind, a dime to that woman with kids... So, when she was back to the start of the road, she had other note to add ...


“I went to the right, and not a six pence richer I got,

I even lost what I used to have...

Though, no pity I feel,

There is no known way, to carry gold,

Further than your own tomb...”


Not much choice was left, in the end... straight it was,

What happened there nobody knows,

No one saw Tati for ages or so...

Okay, not ages, a couple of years,

Fine! One year, may be 10 months,

Let's agree on fortnight...

The only thing known, her final note,

On that bloody stone, was:

“Early or late, rich or poor, dead or alive,

But everyone will come back...”.


It turned out - the famous Republic of One and the Only Kingdom of Never-land,

Was nowhere else but the very garden,

with apples, with roses and

daisies and chickens and ducks...

With lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes and cabbage,

And many more other staff...

And there Tati the Carrot, which is not

real carrot, lived happier than did before,

Sometimes dears and bears where bringing her beer, and never she wished for more...


P.S. According to one sources Tati lived for 60 years, according to other – 80. But I know for sure, she lived much longer. She lived all her life.

P.P.S. And died of natural cause, i.e...