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safety talks database

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safety talks database

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safety talks database

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What is a Safety Talk?

A safety talk is a hands-on way to remind workers that health and safety are important on the job.

Safety talks deal with specific problems on site. They do not replace formal training.

Through safety talks you can tell workers about health and safety requirements for the tools, equipment, materials, and procedures they use every day or for particular jobs.

Each safety talk will take about five minutes to present.

A Safety Talk Exemple, created with the new Safety Talks Database

Why give a Safety Talk?

Our objective is to help workers RECOGNIZE and CONTROL hazards on the site.

We give safety talks because we are responsible for advising workers about any existing or possible danger to their health and safety.

Safety talks demonstrate the commitment of employers and workers to health and safety.



To make a Safety Talk work you should

Choose a talk suited to site and work conditions. Don't give a talk on quick-cut saws when none are being used on the job. Deliver the talk where it will be most appropriate. That could be the job office, out on the site, or near the tools and equipment you are talking about.

Introduce the subject clearly. Let workers know exactly what you are going to talk about and why it's important to them. Refer to the safety talk for information. But wherever possible use your own words.

Connect key points to things your crew is familiar with on the project. Pinpoint hazards. Talk about what may happen. Use information from the safety talk to explain how to control or prevent these hazards. Wherever possible, use real tools, equipment, material, and jobsite situations to demonstrate key points.

Ask for questions. Answer to the best of your knowledge. Get more information where necessary. Ask workers to demonstrate what they have learned. Use the Safety Talk Report Form to keep a record of each talk delivered. Include date, topic, and names of attendees.

The information you present in a Safety Talk may be the only information workers receive about a particular tool, piece of equipment, type of material, or work procedure on the site.

In choosing and presenting your talk, do everything you can to help workers remember and act on the message you deliver.

Did you know this before?

Safety Talk

Absolutely Not…

Me either, if we did this safety talk before just one week, our friend Jack shall still be here with us today


Safety Talks for your Workplace

Modern life dictates that no matter where you work or what you do for a living, at some point you will certainly be on the receiving end of a Safety Talk. A lot of people will also be asked to provide safety talks to other employees, colleagues and contractors.

Many people get asked to give a safety talk. It doesn't matter what kind of organization you work for or what position you hold within that organization there will come a time when it is your turn. Most people struggle to get ideas or good subject matter for the talk.

What Topic?

Choose a single topic, there are some ideas below. Pick something that is relevant to the people you will be presenting to, or the work that they are performing.

Keep It Short, Simple (remember KISS), allow discussion on the topic but maintain control. If you need to you can review the discussion topics in another Safety Talk.

Some Safety Talk Topics

Permits To Work


How Long

Safety Talks should be kept short and to the point. The aim is to get the message across efficiently and quickly in a way that will be understood and remembered.

A Safety Talk is not a training course. Think of it as a memory jogger, a quick bit of advise, or a short discussion session.

Ideally a Safety Talk need only be about 5 minutes long, certainly it should not be longer than 10 minutes.






Safety Helmets

Confined Space

First Aid


Excavation Safety





Fall Protection


Prepare For Your Safety Talk


The venue for your safety talk may be dictated to you. It may be an existing meeting room, site office or other suitable location.Make sure any equipment or props you need are going to be available. If you need an overhead projector to show a PowerPoint presentation, is there one available? Is there room to demonstrate putting on a Safety Harness?

Check the location before you start your preparation, it may determine the type of presentation you deliver.


Decide on the best time to have the safety talk, once again this may be determined for you. A good time is a the start of a shift, or at the start of a meeting.

Avoid having a safety talk at the end of a meeting or at the end of a shift. You will find people are not interested and just want to get away.

Preparation is key to success.

It is very important that you prepare for a safety talk when you are asked to give one. The lens here gives lots of tips on how to prepare and what to look out for.

Don't Panic!

So you have been asked to give a Safety Talk!First tip - DON'T PANIC!


If you are asked to give a Safety Talk the worst thing you can do is arrive without any preparation.

As a guideline, if you know your subject, and are starting from scratch you really should allow at least an hour to prepare a 5 minute Safety Talk.

If you don't really know your subject, you should allow a lot longer to do the research necessary.

Find out how the subject of your safety talk affects your organisation or the group of people that you will be present. Tailor your presentation to met the needs of your audience.


Prepare For Your Safety Talk

Provide Examples

Examples can be great, especially if they are specific to the work force being addressed, or the tasks being performed. Props, items of PPE, Video Clips, Photographs and so on can all add value and interest to your Safety Talk.


As already mentioned you can allow questions to be asked, and you should encourage this. It is up to you whether you answer questions as you go or ask for questions to be kept until the end. A good discussion group can turn a Safety Talk in to a valuable session for all attending.

Attendance Records

Keep a record of those attending the Safety Talk. We will use these to demonstrate a level of commitment to safety.

You can use these records for a number of things. A check can be made to ensure that the target audience is being captured, or are there some individuals, shifts, or contractors that have been missed.

If you are required to provide evidence of Safety training, attendance records for Safety Talks can form a part of this evidence.


When you have completed your Safety Talk you should archive it. It can then be used again in the future as a refresher or for new personnel.

If using an archived Safety Talk be sure to check the validity of the information. Check that legislation or local rules have not changed. Check that the work tasks are similar and that the information being conveyed is relevant.

Make notes each time you give the Safety Talk detailing questions asked, areas that need further explanation and props used.






Safety Talk Database with PHP/MySQL is created to store and manage Safety Talks in a simple, fast, clear and efficient way.




With Excel

With the new Safety Talk DB



How to use

Provides instant connectivity between all departments in APM Terminals Tangier

The Final Result








  • OPS Department

Safety Talks Validate


Creation of author account, Safety Talks submission

  • Safety talk stored

How to use

  • TEC Department

Safety Talk Draft

  • HR Department
  • Safety Talk
  • Pictures ‘1 or 2’
  • Description
  • Keywords

Safety Talk


The Final Result

  • IT Department




Guest user


Open the home page

of the SafetyTalksdatabase


Choose the categories

and subcategories you want

How to use

The Final Result






Author user




- Unique ID

- Secret Pass

- E-mail adress



to the database

Creat New


How to use

Login intoyour


Edit SafetyTalks

The Final Result





Here you can create a new account, or login to an existing account


By creating a new account you’ll get access to the full database, you'll have access as an author, and you’ll have the right to draft new Safety Talks and several other features.

to create your account All You Have to do is to enter your Name, APMID, Email and Password of your choice.

This logo is a representative sign for our database, we created this logo under the

form of key

that reflects the usefulness of this database as a source of solutions for any situation that causes a hazardous risk

You have already an account that’s great, thin welcome to our Safety Talks Database.

To login to your Account all you have to do is to enter your APMID and Password the one you has chosen during registration


Here you can search for anything with any keyword in the whole database

The Main Menu represent our principal features:

- A list of all existing risks,

- List of my own Safety Talks,

- Statistics on database,

- A multi-criteria search page,

- A link to the admin panel.

Only the authors have access to this module, which allowed them to submit their own Safety Talks, to modify their account informations (name, password ...) or simply to leave the Database.

How to use

Every Safety Talk is represented by a title, some information (like: date, hour of publication and the author name ...) plus a small photo of standard size detected automatically from the contents of each safety talk.

This module represents a selection of the most visited Safety Talks, it also gives an idea about our users needs.

Every week a new theme will be proposed by the HSE team in this module, so these are some suggested safety talks

The Final Result

This module represents the latest Safety Talks published and validated by HSSE Team

This is a small module on the right, to view the most popular keywords associated with hyperlinks.




Admin Control Panel


How to use

The Final Result



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Safety Talks DB

How to use


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