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Brand Strategy Portfolio

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Brand Strategy Portfolio - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Brand Strategy/Account Planning Porfolio

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Kenneth Kebaara

Brand Strategist

Solid Insight, Forward Thinking


Contact Info:

Kenneth Kebaara


New York, New York


I was born and raised in Kenya, while there did a lot of travelling in Africa. This taught me no matter how close things are they all have their differences and would be surprised at the cultures that exists with the same region.

I moved to Minnesota to study business entrepreneurship as I have always wanted to know all the inner workings of a business. While there I did traveling around the

US and learnt about the different cultures in the US. Also did study abroad in London and took a class on “Race, Gender and the Mass Media” .which I loved.

I am a self driven, independent

thinking, fun loving , curious ,traveller and a seeker of knowledge and truth.


Creativity + Business = Entrepreneurship

Creativity + Business = Account Planning

Creativity + Business = Me



Small Business

Sabrina Cohen Foundation



Though they make up 99.7% of all businesses in the US. The economy has made it very hard on small businesses to thrive.


Creative: Spreading Awareness

In order to spread word about the “Backbone Collective. We would first start by sending around small boxes with point cards to people in the community. There would be posters that are also put up around the neighborhood that are meant to show the personal service that small shops offer. There would also be a decal that would be put on shop windows to show the ones in the collective.


Online Experience/Community

The creation of an online community so that people can connect with people that shop at the same places they do and support the same shops they do.

There are also rewards that they get that their online friends can see. They can also win gift that make them participate in the shop. This way , They are rewarded publicly/reputation and financially.


This case had two problems:

First the Sabrina Cohen Foundation was not as popular as they wanted it to be.

Second that most of the general public do not know much about stem cell research.


Spread Awareness/The “I’M Contagious” Campaign

We came up with the “I’m Contagious campaign”as a play on the word contagious and spreading of the information about SCF and SCR. We got this message out though a “Bubble Boy”who a lot of people reacted to and we also used shirts with Hashtags (#) to spread information on sources like Twitter. There was also the idea of developing print ads on paper that stains i.e. you leave your finger prints on when you touch it.


Online Information and Action/Donation

There was a logo change to make it more aesthetically pleasing. The website on the other hand has been made easier to navigate. So people can either get information about stem cell research or if they already know about it they can donate.


Netflix made some mistakes causing it to loose 1m customers. Though they have 24m customers , their share price dropped severely.


Marketing/Print Ads

They will be placed in magazines and newspapers that baby boomers read.

The posters will show that they finally after working all these years they can spend their time how they want and take control of the time.


Website/ Main Tool

The website keeps with the theme of they have the control that they want and can choose. The website is also going to be more social in order for them to interact with their friends as they are more likely to watch movies that are suggested to them by others.



Kenneth Kebaara

Phone: 651-434-0982