a quick guide to cleaning charm bracelets as with n.
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A Quick Guide to Cleaning Charm Bracelets PowerPoint Presentation
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A Quick Guide to Cleaning Charm Bracelets

A Quick Guide to Cleaning Charm Bracelets

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A Quick Guide to Cleaning Charm Bracelets

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  1. A Quick Guide to Cleaning Charm Bracelets As with most things in life, the better the quality the less problems you will have with maintenance and upkeep. Charm bracelets in either silver or gold are absolutely no different, with the higher quality bracelets much less likely to stain or tarnish with typical wear. Even so, soap, lotion and oils from your skin may lead to slight discoloration or dulling of the bracelets, but this can easily be corrected at Tiffany Earringshome. Generally gold bracelets in any karat from 10 to 18 require routine buffing with a soft, lint free cloth to stay rich and shiny looking. There are special cleaning cloths sold at jewelers for gold items and these are very good for basic cleaning.

  2. When there is residue on bracelets before buffing it is important to remove the dull coating. Since this is often oil based, soaking the charms in a warm soapy water solution for about five minutes then rinsing and buffing is usually all it takes. Don't use household cleaners or bleach in the water as Tiffany Silver Earring this can damage the charms or the bracelet itself. Silver is more likely to tarnish than gold, even sterling silver can sometimes get a bit smudgy or dull looking with wear. Silver cleaning cloths, again available at jewelry stores, are a great option. Silver can also be soaked in warm soapy water prior to buffing for the best results.

  3. Heavily tarnished silver bracelets will need a bit of additional help. Liquid silver cleaning solution can be used for those tough to clean items. Always carefully follow the directions on the product and never soak the silver for longer than Tiffany Silver Earrings recommended. Some types of charm bracelets and charms should not be soaked in any type of cleaning solutions. These include charms or bracelets with gems, accent pieces of other metals or materials, or those that are painted. The cleaner will often damage these types of charms or charm bracelets because of the chemical reactions.

  4. Scrubbing or harshly rubbing or twisting of charm bracelets during cleaning needs to be completely avoided. This type of aggressive cleaning will damage the links or the rings, resulting in lost charms or even a broken link in the Tiffany 925 Necklacebracelet. One of the best ways to clean charm bracelets that are more than just slightly stained, tarnished or discolored is to use a professional jeweler. They can safely clean the charms and charm bracelets back to their original luster and shine without causing any damage. Since this should only have to be done infrequently, it is certainly a cost effective way to keep your jewelry looking beautiful.