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Infinitives-support material for Second Year of High School

A quickly review of some forms of infinitives to support the basic text

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Infinitives-support material for Second Year of High School

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  1. TOPIC: Gerunds as infinitives ING. Michael Sigcha MSc

  2. Examples of Gerunds • Reading is my favoritepastime • After two years of deciding, we finally made a decision.

  3. Carolineadmitedstudyingalone • Theyenjoyplaying video games

  4. Whenwe use GERUNDS • As a Noun • Reading is my favoritepastime • Aftertwoyears of deciding, wefinallymade a decisión • As aninfinitive • Carolineadmitedestudyingalone • Theyenjoyplaying video games

  5. Verbsfollowedbygerunds(as infinitives) • Admit • Avoid • Celebrate • Discuss • Dislike • Enjoy • Explain • Feel • Finish • Imagine • Keep • Recommend • Suggest explicar admitir sentir evitar terminar celebrar imaginar discutir Guardar, conservar no gustar recomendar disfrutar sugerir

  6. TOPIC: Infinitivesafterverbs ING. Michael Sigcha MSc

  7. Examples of infinitives –> TO+VERB • To sneeze • to smash • to cry • to slurp • to shriek • to jump

  8. Examples of infinitives in sentences • she agrees to smash the vase • she avoids to eat fatty food

  9. Verbsfollowedbyinfinitivesto-verb • Agree • Attempt • Can’tafford • Can’twait • Choose • Decide • Expect estar de acuerdo • Fail • Help • Hope • Need • Plan • pretend • want fallar intentar ayudar no poder darse el lujo Esperar (esperanza) No poder esperar necesitar escoger planear decidir aparentar anticipar querer

  10. TOPIC: Infinitivesafter a directobject ING. Michael Sigcha MSc

  11. What are directobjects? • Patrick adviseshis son to drive carefully • his son  directobject • Thishighschoolallowsitsstudentstocameonsaturdays • itsstudents directobject

  12. Verbsfollowedbydirectobject and infinitivesto-verb • Advise • Allow • Ask • Convince • Encourage • Invite • Lead • Need aconsejar, recomendar • Promise • Remind • Teach • Tell • Want • Wouldlike prometer permitir recordar preguntar enseñar convencer contar Animar, intentar querer invitar (le) gustaria liderar necesitar

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