2012Fashion Trends of Wedding Bands
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Traditionally speaking, the bride Tiffany & Co Bracelet and the groom shared the same design of rings. This is now replaced by stylish bands made of different metals, design and colour.

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2012Fashion Trends of Wedding Bands

Wedding binds two hearts together and the rings acts like a seal which is exchanged between the bride and the groom. It is not an ordinary ring. It reflects individuality and style.

Traditionally speaking, the bride Tiffany & Co Braceletand the groom shared the same design of rings. This is now replaced by stylish bands made of different metals, design and colour.

Let us discuss some of the latest trends of 2012 Wedding Bands.

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1. Diamond Rings: Diamonds will remain trendy forever. These bands come in white and gold colour.

2. 14k White Gold Diamond: This is a superb combination which will also remain trendy. The number of diamonds will depend on your budget. The weight and clarity of the diamond will decide on the cost of the ring.

3. Tungsten Carbide Bands: This is a new and upcoming trend in Wedding Band. High tech metals are used in this ring. This trend has become popular because of the high gold and diamond rings prices. The stylish cut and design available has also made this ring popular. It is a forthcoming trend for the year 2012.

As compared with the prices of a diamond wedding ring which can be bought at about $1000, a tungsten carbide ring Tiffany And Co Bracelet cost about $100.

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This is perfect for people who are trendy, but wants to cut cost. Tungsten Carbide Ring is the best choice for such people. Made from tungsten carbide and zirconiums, these wedding bands come in superb Cheap Tiffany Braceletdesigns.

Made by high tech tungsten carbide, it is a new metal used in the ring market. In comparison to gold and platinum, it is an unconventional metal which is very durable. Its industrial look gives it a masculine feel, though its design appeals women too.

It will be a trendy wedding ring in the year 2012. It is considered to be hot and in fashion too because of its excellent finish.

The unique formula makes these rings stunning and durable for every day use. There is no need to remove and replace your ring to protect its finish. Because of this feature, many jewellers offer tungsten carbide rings with lifetime warranty.

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4. Titanium Wedding Bands: It is a lightweight ring which is an upcoming trend. It is of economy range. It is the solution to people who do not want to spend heavily on Tiffany Bracelet. White colour titanium rings give the look of a platinum rings. Prices vary from $50 to $150. It completely depends on the design and sample of the ring you choose.

Diamond studded titanium rings will become one of the trendiest rings in the year 2012.

Please remember that before deciding on your wedding band, do make a check on the jeweller. Ask other people for their feedback. Check on the clarity and cut in case you are deciding on diamond studded rings. Make sure that you are not cheated on the cost. These are the most precious things of all couple and it should be well planned before buying.