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About me

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I started playing volleyball in 4th grade and continued playing up until my senior year in high school. I still enjoy playing whenever I get a chance. I also volunteered as a 3rd grade volleyball coach for 3 years, which I hope to continue throughout my teaching career.

  • Teach in a Third World Country.
  • Get a masters in Guidance Counseling.
  • Teach in inner-city schools around the Country.
  • To become more advanced with computer technology to prepare children for the future.
boys and girls club
Boys and Girls Club
  • I helped supervise children ages 5 to 16, planning indoor and outdoor activities, and taking the children on different field trips. The children who attended Boys and Girls Club where predominantly from low-income families.
camp walt whitman
Camp Walt Whitman
  • This past summer I worked at Camp Walt Whitman which is a summer sleep-away camp in New Hampshire. The age range of children who attended this camp were 7 to 14. During the day I taught swimming lessons to every age level and at night I followed my bunk, which consisted of nine 7 year olds, to different evening activities.
why i want to teach
Why I Want To Teach
  • I love working with children and I find everything about childcare rewarding. I feel that being able to watch a child grow and learn with your helpis one of the most rewarding things life has to offer and when you are a teacher you get to experience that everyday.