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Gayatri Mantra PowerPoint Presentation
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Gayatri Mantra

Gayatri Mantra

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Gayatri Mantra

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  1. Gayatri Mantra Dr.T.V.Rao MD

  2. What is Gayatrimantra • Gayatrimantra is being one of the oldest existing mantras • Millions of Hindus and others are inspired by compelling charm. • The vibrations of the Mantra observed with passion and right understanding turns man a Positive to life and living

  3. Gayatri is Symbol of Life • AumBhurBhuvah Swah, Tat Savitur VarenyamBhargo Devasya Dhimahi, DhiyoYo Nah Prachodayat ॐ भू: स्व: तत्स । भर्गो देवस्य धीमह, धी यो न: प्रचोदयात।।

  4. Gayatri Mantra component of Rig Veda • The Rig Veda is the book of Mantra. It contains the oldest form of all the Sanskrit mantras. It is built around a science of sound which comprehends the meaning and power of each letter. Most aspects of Vedic science like the practice of yoga, meditation, mantra and Ayurveda can be found in the Rig Veda. • Gayatri is component of Rig-Veda

  5. Gayatri is Saraswati • Gayatri Devi is an incarnation of Saraswati Devi, consort of Lord Brahma, symbolising the "shakti" (strength) and "dev" (quality) of Knowledge, Purity and Virtue. Saraswati Devi is held to be the patroness of the Arts, being a poet and musician, as well as skilful composer.

  6. Gayatri brings Wisdom • Praying Gayatri is prayers to self that is Atman and bring in pure wisdom in our lives • Gayatri cannot give materialism and makes a man wise.

  7. Prayer is carried out for four main reasons • To praise and glorify God; to thank God; • to ask forgiveness from God; • or to make a request from God.

  8. Gayatri Mantra = Savitri Mantra • In the past also known as Savitrimantra as it is dedicated to Sun (Savitr )

  9. Representation of Gayatrimantra

  10. Composition of Mantra The Gayatri metre is generally constructed in three lines eight syllables each Om tat savtur varenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi Dhiyo yo nah prachodoyat


  12. Gayatri Means • OM : that who save every one BHU : that who is the base of life, lovable more than life and omni potent • BHUVAH : that who above all sorrows, his company makes every living being free from all problems

  13. Creator of Universe • SVA : that who accepts every one of universe through different ways TAT : We all pray to him SAVITUR : that who is creator of the entire universe and donor of all the comforts.

  14. Creator of Happiness • VARANIYAM : that who is worth to adopt. BHARGO : that who is pious and his touch makes every one alive and pious. DEVASYA : that who is provider of all comforts which everyone desire.

  15. Creator of Goodness • DHEEMAHE : adopt him for DHEYO : good fortune and wisdom YO : that who angel grace full like sun NAH : our PRA****AYAT : let us inspire to do good and leave bad.

  16. Attain Lord by many approaches • In Hinduism, apart from Mantras, prayers can be done via verbal communication, songs, music, japa, meditation and even via dance (Bharathanatyam), Yoga etc. There are many paths to One Lord.

  17. Gayatri mantra Means Oh Mother, who subsists in  all the three Kaalas (Time: Past, Present and Future), in all the three lokas (Lokas: Heaven, Earth and Lower Regions) and in all the three gunas (Gunas - Attributes: Sathwa, Rajas and Thamas), I pray to Thee, to illumine my intellect and dispel my ignorance just as the splendorous sunlight dispels all darkness. I pray to Thee to make my intellect serene and bright and enlightened. 

  18. God give us • Oh God! Thou art the Giver of Life, Remover of pain and sorrow, The Bestower of happiness, Oh! Creator of the Universe, May we receive thy supreme sin-destroying light, May Thou guide our intellect in the right direction. 

  19. Purpose of Gayatri Mantra • The Gayatri Mantra is never chanted for the purposes of material gains, physical or otherwise. Its very invocation concludes with an appeal to the pure Consciousness to illumine more our heart-mind.It is a prayer unto the Self to unveil itself and come to manifest as pure wisdom in our life.

  20. Gayatri Mantra make life Positive • It has actually been observed that by the repetition of this Gayatri Mantra with the right understanding of its sacred meaning, the ordinary negative tendencies in the human mind can be erased out to a large extent.

  21. Gayatri Illuminates Soul • In our inner life, the sun represents the light-giver, the illuminator of all experiences, the ATMAN (Soul). This pure consciousness in us, the inner centre of our personality around which the matter envelopments function with mathematical precision- just as around the sun the entire solar system revolves- is being invoked to shine more and more in our intellect.

  22. Gayatri is Eternal • The Gayatri is eternal knowledge divine. When this knowledge dawns in the seeker's aspiring heart, he need no longer seek for anything, either on earth or in heaven. He reveals what he achieves. He manifests what he reveals.

  23. Why Praying Gayatri • To praise and glorify God; • To thank God; • To ask forgiveness from God; • or to make a request from God.

  24. Adi Sankara Baghavadpadha • It is beyond human competence to describe the glory of Gayatri. Nothing is so important in the world as to have wisdom. This wisdom by which self –realisation is attained through divine insight is inspired by Gayatri. Gayatri is the initial mantra. It is an incarnation to destroy sins and promote virtues”

  25. Swami Daya Nand Saraswati • This word AUM is the most glorious name for God as the on word AUM, composed of the letters of A U M constitutes many names of God. At the same time it connotes all the names of God. The Brahman loves this name even as a father loves his child.

  26. Ramana Maharshi • Of the many methods of yoga one of the most potent is the yoga of Gayatri mantra. Mantras have powers to endow one with remarkable abilities. The Gayatri mantra gives the devotees spiritual as well as material benefits.”

  27. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa • I tell people that due to the sadhana of Gayatri hard austeries have been rendered unnecessary. The treatest of siddhis can be obtained by the japa of Gayatri. The Gayatri mantra is small but its powers immeasurable.

  28. Swami Vivekananda • Gayatri is a mantra of righteous wisdom and therefore, it has been called a be-jewelled crown of all the mantras”.

  29. Rishi Bharadwaja • Even divinities like Brahma pray to Gayatri because Gayatri makes possible the realization of Brahman. Gayatri removes from you the propensity to evil actions

  30. Sage Vashishtha • Even fools, criminals and men with unstable minds are able to attain enlightenment by the power of Gayatri. When that is so, then the worship of Gayatri by the firm and pure minded persons will surely lead them to self knowledge and self-realisation.

  31. Pandit Madanmohan Malaviya • Of the many invaluable treasures given to us by our rishis, Gayatri is the incomparable one. Gayatri makes mind pure and gives the light of god to the soul and that releases light innumerable souls from the world’s bondage. Gayatri makes man god-loving while freeing him from worldly wants.”

  32. Swami Vidyanada • Gayatri purifies the mind. Without the purity of mind our life is of no use. Gayatri is the producer of this purity of mind.”

  33. Mahatma Gandhi • This blind faith has confounded the world and made people crazy. The only advice I can offer is that you should immediately commence the Gayatri Jap. Do it as much as you can and whenever you can. The greater the obstacles you come across, the more devoutly you should do it. Your worries will end

  34. Sir William Jones • Let us adore the supremacy of that Divine Sun, the Godhead, who illuminates all, who recreates all, from whom all proceed, to whom all must return, whom we invoke to direct our understanding aright in our progress towards his holy sea

  35. Gayatri guides your Goal • The Gayatri Mantra is the divine magnetic needle. The magnetic needle points to the north, hence the ship does not lose its direction. The Gayatri Mantra always points to the transcendental Height of the Supreme, hence the seeker does not miss his Goal: Existence, Consciousness, Bliss.

  36. The Recitation of Gayatri Mantra Raises the Human Consciousness Dr.T.V.Rao MD Email