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A Software Design and Development Company

Rapidsoft Technologies is Custom Software Development Outsourcing Company located in India offers various software development services.

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A Software Design and Development Company

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  1. Rapidsoft Technologies (P) Ltd. www.RapidsoftTechnologies.com An Introductory Presentation A Software Design and Development Company HQ & Development Center:Gurgaon (N. Delhi), India US Operation:Pescadero, CA ©2005-2008, Rapidsoft Technologies, Inc.

  2. Rapidsoft Technologies • Mission • Management Team Background • Outsourcing as a Cost Saving Strategy • Our Core Services and Competencies • Our Quality Philosophy • Vertical Industry Sector Services and Expertise • Sample Projects • Office Locations

  3. Mission Statement To provide Cutting Edge Software solutions, with High Quality and Reliability, to the Real-time and Embedded market that Exceed all our customers’ Expectations, and to create an environment for Development and Progress of Human Intellect with opportunities to Innovate.

  4. Development Team Experience • Our Management and development team includes engineers and senior architects with decades of software development, and senior management experience with leading Indian, US and Japanese technologies companies.

  5. 36% 35% 13% 11% 5% Focus on Core Competancies Reduce Operating Costs Improve Processes Better Use Capital Fuel Revenue Growth Outsourcing: Benefits Why Outsource: Lower Cost of Operation Means Increased Competitive Position

  6. What do we do ? • Software Development • Design • Development • Testing • Software Products • Software Integration • Hardware Architecture and Design

  7. Our Main Focus Areas • Mobile Communication Systems and Applications (GSM, CDMA, DRM, OMA Enablers) • Mobile application development on all major platforms– J2ME, BlackBerry, BREW, iPhone, Symbian, Windows Mobile and smart phones • Networking and Telecom Systems and Applications (IP Networking Systems and IP protocols) • Embedded Custom Software Porting and Development (including Open Source Porting and Maintenance) • E-Commerce Applications INCLUDING Web Service Applications • Customs Applications Development

  8. Mobile Communication Systems & Applications • Embedded or Application S/W • Protocols (CDMA, GSM, DRM) • Applications (VoIP, SIP, IMS, Device Clients, Server Applications, Media Clients) Mobile Application Software OMA Sync Clients, Email Clients, Device Configurations, DRM Clients, Media Clients (Mpeg2/ Mpeg4) , Ring Tones, Games, Lottos, BiZ Application Clients We can do any protocol or porting of software including custom design. Communication Software protocols, drivers, APIs, interfaces, testing, porting, interoperability and compliance tests)

  9. Shell scripts Traffic Engine. Planning tools Databases Configs SNMP netflow modems OSPF Link metrics Routing policies OSPF OSPF OSPF BGP BGP BGP FIB FIB FIB Packet filters Networking Software Capabilities • Management Plane • Management Software (SNMP, APIs, GUIs, Remote Configurations etc.) • MIB design and Implementations • Control Plane • Routing protocols for routers (BGP, OSPF, RIP), MPLS, DHCP, RADIUS, IPSEC, • IPv4, IPv6, Mobile IPv4, Mobile-IPv6 • Configuration Management • Maintenance and Support of Products • Testing and Spec Compliance • Regression Testing Data Plane • Packet Handling Code • Forwarding, filtering, queuing • Performance Optimization • Re-Engineering, Porting, Support

  10. Internet Database Server Files Biz Sector Expertise: Web Services, Database Reconfigurations, Transaction Processing Applications Architecture/ Application Development: Database Migration, Platform Migration, Language Migration, Transaction Reliability, API Design, Application/ Data Integration Tools: Java, XML, PHP, MySQL Server, JavaBeans, Oracle , CORBA, J2ME, ORACLE, SAP, WINDOWS SERVERs XML, SOAP etc. Middle Tier “Business Logic” Application Driver/User Interface Code Backend Database Server etc. To the clients/ users Modules on the server (Model A) Middle Tier “Business Logic” Backend Database Server etc. Application Driver/User Interface Code We can port legacy applications, maintain them or do new custom design. Network Storage and Files To the clients/ users Modules on the server (Model B)

  11. Consulting Web Portals E-procurement E-Commerce Universe Content Management Data Warehousing UI Design & Compliance E-Marketing Security E-Commerce Expertise: Planning to Implementation • .NET Expertise • Net Framework • c#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, BizTalk, MTS, MSMQ, XML, XSL, Kana CRM, • SQL Server, Microsoft Commerce Server • Java and Application Tools Expertise • Tools: Jbuilder, Visual Age, Visual Café, JDKs • Distributed Computing: EJB, Java Beans, CORBA, RMI, JMS (also COM/ DCOM) • Application Servers: Weblogic, Websphere, iPlanet, PowerTier • Web Tier: IIS, Tomcat, Netscape • Presentation: HTML, DHTML, JSP, Servlet • Mobile: J2ME, WAP, WML, MIDL Datawarehousing:informatica, BRIO, Broadbase Content Management: Broadvision, Interwoven, Vignette Database Server: Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2

  12. Common Enterprise Applications • Worker collaboration • Operations and logistics • Decision Support Systems • Information and knowledge management • Customer/supplier commerce • Consumer commerce • Typical ERP Systems • Sales force management • Document management • Customer service and support • Manufacturing logistics • Accounting • Human resources • Supply-chain management Data Warehouse Source Reporting Tools Source ETL Staging Area Meta data Data Mart Source Development, Enhancement and Support of Common Enterprise Applications

  13. Legacy Systems Internally Focused Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Supply Chain Management (SCM) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Externally Focused Enterprise Systems Business Sector Application Skills • Languages : C#, VB, JAVA(J2EE-EJB, Struts, Tiles, Swing, JNI) • Tools : J-Builder-3.5, Symantec Visual Cafe 3.0, Eclipse2.1/3.0,Rational Rose, JTest, TOAD,Install Shield, MS-Project 2000 • Scripting: JavaScript, CTS Scripting Language • Middleware : CORBA, EJB, RMI • Application Server: J2EE, Concur Transaction Server, PWS, IIS 5.0. • Web Servers: Weblogic7.0/8.1, Apache-Tomcat, IIS4.0-ServletExec3.0 • Databases: Oracle8i/9i, MS Access, SQL Server • Operating Systems: Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows 98, UNIX • Configuration Management Tools: Visual Source Safe 5.0, Rational Clear Case 5.0, PVCS

  14. Core Skills – Networking S/W • Operating Systems: Linux, Windows , Mac • Languages: C, C#, C++, VC++, Java • NAT, Firewall, IPSEC, L2TP, PPP, DHCP • Mobile-IP v 4/ IPv6, 802.11 WLANs. • Wireless Software, CDPD, GPRS software, Voice over IP solutions • Java, J2ME, Java Scripts, UML • Security Processor Software Porting • SIP Servers Implementation and SIP Applications

  15. Core Skills 2- Networking S/W • SIP based Instant Messaging and Presence • Network and Operations Management Software • Peer to Peer (P2P) Software

  16. Core Skills- Applications S/W •  Languages : C#, VB, JAVA(J2EE-EJB, Struts, Tiles, Swing, JNI) • Tools: J-Builder-3.5, Symantec Visual Cafe 3.0, Eclipse2.1/3.0 • Rational Rose, JTest , TOAD, Install Shield, MS-Project 2000 • Scripting: JavaScript, CTS Scripting Language • Middleware : CORBA, EJB, RMI • Application Server: J2EE, Concur Transaction Server, PWS, IIS 5.0. • Web Servers: Weblogic7.0/8.1, Apache-Tomcat, IIS4.0-ServletExec3.0 • Databases: Oracle8i/9i, MS Access, SQL Server • Operating Systems: Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows 98, UNIX • Configuration Management Tools Visual Source Safe 5.0, Rational Clear Case 5.0, PVCS

  17. Core Skills – Embedded S/W • Embedded Code ( x86, ARM, PowerPC, ASICsetc.) • C, C++, VC++, Assembly, relevant emulators and test equipment • Deterministic Real-time software • Intranet & Internet including TCP/IP, Netbios, IPX/SPX etc. ©2004-2005, Rapidsoft Systems

  18. Core Skills 2 - Embedded S/W • Windows 2000, NT, 95/98, 3.11, DOS, Unix, VMS, VxWorks, OSE, Lynx • Control Systems • PID, Multivar control, Adaptive Control,etc. • OPC standard, USB, VGA, Ethernet, PCI, ICMP, SNMP, SS7, C7, ISDN BRI and PRI, ATM, Frame Relay

  19. Business Sector Services • System Development : Module Development, Documentation, Implementation • System Maintenance: Analysis, Design, Coding, Documentation, Reviewing, Testing • Business Area: Mobile Technology, IP Networking, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Health Insurance, e-Business, Web Commerce

  20. Technology Sector Services We possess core competencies in each of these technology domains: • Broadband, IPTV & Streaming services • Telecommunications • Wireless • Embedded Systems • Network Management

  21. A Partial list of Projects • Mobile-Chat and Mobile Blog Application in BREW 2.0 for a Cellular Operator • Mobile Service Delivery Platform – Including (Ring N Fun, Hot Movies, GPRS Ring N Fun, GPRS Hot Movies, Configure Handset) etc. • Karaoke for Mobiles: The application is intended to stream a song into mobile handsets from their site, after allowing the user to select a song of his/her choice. It also provides karaoke feature where the song selected by the user shall be played while its lyrics are being displayed and highlighted in synchronization with the sound which enables the users to sing along with the song. This application is created simultaneously in 6 technologies – Blackberry, BREW, Symbian, J2ME, Windows Mobile and iPhone

  22. Software Products • SNET: SNet is a Social Networking Software package built on Microsoft .Net. Being white level software, it can be bought, owned and launched by anyone under his/her brand name. The user can also customize lot of its features including its look and feel. • BSNET: It’s a social networking software package with corporate features. • NCASH: This application is targeted to enhance the business for all such businessmen by giving them opportunity to upload their advertisement to NCash website which can be viewed by endless users on their mobile handsets. This benefits not just the Advertisers whose business is getting promoted but also the end users who earn money every time they view an Ad. • Business Manager: An utility tool for the sales and marketing department to enhance the productivity and measuring features.

  23. A partial list of clients • Jamnow.com (www.JamNow.com) • Ultimate Guitar • P2P • Z-Think • Meragana (www.MeraGana.com) • Splash Data

  24. Quality Philosophy • Total Quality Approach: Quality of: • Management • Resources • Structured Continuous Improvement • Team based • Planning, Planning and Planning • Development • Testing

  25. Software Processes Used • Full adherence to customer’s in house processes, if desired • Integrate all documentation to software methods used for existing products. • Full Requirements, Design and Test Documentation and Results Supplied.

  26. Fault-free software development • Dependable software processes • Quality management • Formal specification • Static verification • Strong typing • Safe programming • Protected information

  27. Fault removal costs We understand the cost of Faults in the System. Our design and test processes are designed to ensure faults are caught and fixed early in the product development cycle. Cost of Defects 1. Design Phase 2. Integration Phase 3. Product Release a

  28. Quality management and software development We follow the BEST recommended practices.

  29. Project Implementation Process • Functional Requirements Phase • Detailed Design Phase • Implementation Phase • Testing Phase • Post Completion Phase

  30. How are we different ? • Culture of Product Development • Continuous Training • Seasoned Project Managers • Partnerships with Key Companies • Strong Domain Knowledge • A Team with experience of managing the development processes at the worlds best companies. • Management and project teams with solid product development experience

  31. Summary • A Professional Technology Company • We understand the business and technical domain • Complete Confidentiality and Security of Project Information Guaranteed. • We deliver to the Clients expectations

  32. Client Presence Russia Italy UK USA India South Africa New Zealand

  33. Location • Rapidsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd. www.rapidsofttechnologies.com • Corporate HQ :  UG-207 C, Sushant Shopping Arcade, Sushant Lok Phase-1, Gurgaon-122001 Ph: 9124 4261922 Fax:9124 2572112 • Sales Office in the US • Sister concern – NKC Projects Pvt Ltd. Operational since 1994, Successfully executed many multimillion dollars projects

  34. The End – Let us work together Contact Us at: Sales@ rapidsofttechnologies.com Info@rapidsofttechnologies.com India Phones: 0124-4261922 US phones:1 609 423 0805

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