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Tiffany Snake Ringdesigners PowerPoint Presentation
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Tiffany Snake Ringdesigners

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Tiffany Snake Ringdesigners - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tiffany Snowflake Earringsdes

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From the beginning of silverware to create a silver ornament to the diamond, Tiffany Snake Ringdesigners to create many extraordinary treasures. From the glorious 1890's, many from the United States Astor family (The Astors), Vanderbilt family (Vanderbilt) or Morgan (The Morgans) the door of the ladies are long-lasting beautiful Tiffany ( Tiffany) diamond dumping. At the same time from the theater, the sports world, European royalty, Hollywood celebrities and even the star of the film industry, but also as Tiffany (Tiffany) ornaments of priceless treasures. Tiffany (Tiffany) New York flagship store into a lot of the filming scene, one of the most well-known than Audrey Hepburn (Audrey Hepburn) star in "Breakfast at Tiffany" (Breakfast at Tiffany's) the.


Period after the new school of art, decorative arts school period until today's modern and elegant style, Tiffany Snowflake Earringsdesigned jewelry has always been a favorite of museum collections around the world. Around the world each year auction, Tiffany (Tiffany) ornaments are very rush. Today, weighing 128.54 karats, world-renowned "Tiffany color yellow Juzuan" permanent display in Tiffany (Tiffany) of the New York flagship store, the testimony of Tiffany (Tiffany) diamonds of extraordinary legend.