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The generic magazine convention codes suchas the strap line and masthead employed by this magazine suggest the target audience are students of the school. This fulfills the “surveillance” of the uses and gratifications theory.The image displayed on the front is a cartoon like picture of a girl, this adds appeal to the magazine as the intended audience are students. In the background of the image is a picture of a film reel, supporting the main article on a new film club.There is a hyperlink displayed at the bottom of the magazine which gives a technological feel to the magazine, also technology is something young people are adequate to. There are several school associated lures such as “Film’s Cool open now” and “Record breaking results” to attract attention from students.

The masthead features black writing contrasted with four colours, each colour representing a different school and giving the magazine a diverse and cultural feel. The font style can be described as a cartoon style supporting the student feel of the magazine. The colours on the front cover are consistent throughout the magazine, they are also displayed in the contents page.There is no barcode or price tag on the magazine as it is a free weekly one, also suggesting this is a student magazine.

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The colour blue features heavily inthis magazine, as it is a colour that is associated with schools. This reflects an academic mood and suggests the intended audience for this magazine is students. The colour blue is balanced out with the colours green, red and purple- not only do they represent the diversity of the consortium they also balance out the academic feel of the magazine created by the blue colour and gives the impression the magazine is for entertainment purposes also.It also a presentational device as it makes the magazine appear more stylish.

The features of the magazine suggest the intended target audience are school students, for example the article on “Film’s Cool”. This is making active use of the surveillance of the uses and gratifications theory. Features of the magazine include competitions to win book prices also suggesting the intended audience is students. Language such as “canteen chaos” and “bookworm” are examples of colloquialism adding to the student feel of the magazine.Other features include a sports section boasting about the latest sports clubs, this could make the magazine seem like the intended audience is for boys however there are other articles such as a news page talking about a film and book club therefore suggesting this is a unisex magazine.The font style is consistent throughout to allow for easy reading and establishes the magazine. The masthead is also displayed in the contents page as well as the front cover.

The font style is consistent throughout, giving an orderly structure to the magazine, connoting academics.