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this is a test of this service

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Emulating a Private Tutor

company background
Company Background
  • Founded in 2004
  • Works at several schools, with hundreds of students, who completed thousands of exercises.
  • Launched website to the American market last month.
  • Endorsed by Dr. Hanna Pearl - Math superintended of Israel DOE.
higher education
Higher Education
  • Higher income
  • More job opportunities
  • Lower unemployment rates
  • Acquire skills, communicate clearly
  • Gain knowledge about the world and community

97% of parents: “higher education is very important or necessary”

public schools system
Few teach many

One directional: Source  Recipient

Slow learning process

Public Schools System
Vital subject in applying for high school

Specific math requirements

Extensive math chapters in admission exams

Requires intensive practice

Execution rather than just knowledge


Performing and completing tasks

Decision making

Automation of basic operations


Combining terms, variable isolation

Data capture

Develop math skills: quantitative thinking, abstract reasoning, visual spatial, etc.

tutoring advantages
Tutoring Advantages
  • Tutor provides the theory and directs the practice
  • Real-time feedback
    • The tutor’s reaction is associated with the event
  • Immediately practice - new information is stored in short term memory
  • Pin-pointing specific problems

and addressing them

  • Exercises match the

student level

one on one effectiveness
One-on-one Effectiveness

One-on-one tutoring grades are 2σ greater than those achieved through classroom (Bloom, Chicago 1984).

Overwhelming research shows higher grades,

study skills, and confidence *

NCLB 2002 allocates federal funds

for private tutoring




Slavin et al., 1991

Karweit, & Madden, 1989

Wasik, 1990

McArthur, Stasz, & Zmuidzinas, 1990

Hock, Schumaker, & Deshler, 1995

Lepper et al., 1997

Merrill et al., 1995

Simmons, Fuchs, Mathes

& Hodge, 1995

Vadasy, Jenkins, Antil, Wayne

& O’Connor, 1997

Classroom Study



matisto your practice tutor
Matisto – Your Practice Tutor
  • Provides feedback, corrects mistakes and rewards success
  • More effective 2-5 times more exercises per hour
  • Creating a personal profile for each student
    • Tracking errors, successes, think time and usage history
  • Motivation
    • Game like practice: animation, sound, score, levels
    • exercises that match the user’s abilities
  • Huge supply of exercises in each subject and level
advantages for schools
Advantages for Schools
  • All the students activity is logged into a database
  • Graphs and reports about time spent, progress and difficulties on each subject
  • Accurate information about the student level without quizzes
  • Saves time for teachers “unproductive work”
    • Checking homework
    • Creating the quizzes
    • Serving as “cups” while students are taking the quiz.
    • Checking and grading the quizzes
how come no one has done it before
How Come no One Has Done it Before?

Hundreds of articles,

lectures and courses

University experiments

and military simulators

Complex design –

Simulate human thinking

Know it all tutor

Huge effort

High time-to-implement












Users Database

Graphs & Reports

  • Sound and animation
  • External Resources
  • Examples
  • User Interaction

By school, class,

exercise, student.

  • Details
  • School/Class/Teacher
  • Math Profile
  • All Exercises
  • Complete history

Exercise Generators

  • Specific Ex
  • User Level
  • User Profile

Math Library

  • Finding Errors
  • Pinpointing problems
  • Help System

Graphic System

Exercise Logic

  • Display Exercises
  • User Inputs
  • Animations
  • Sound Effects
  • State analysis
  • Presenting next step
  • Allowing shortcuts

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