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How does winter feel, taste and smell? What does it look and sound like?

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winter poems

Winter Poems

How does winter feel, taste and smell?

What does it look and sound like?

Year two will tell you!!

winter snow
Winter Snow

Winter smells fresh.

Winter tastes of snow.

Winter feels cold.

Winter sounds like wind.

Winter looks like snow, all


  • By Evie

Winter smells like hot chocolate.

Winter tastes like steaming soup.

Winter feels like icy North pole.

Winter looks snowy and beautiful.

I like having snowball fights!

By Edward C

winter cold
Winter Cold

Winter smells like smoke.

Winter tastes like ice.

Winter feels freezing cold.

Winter sounds like peace and


Winter looks like a snowman.

I like the snow and watching


By Alexis

Winter smells like pizza.

Winter tastes like chocolate.

Winter feels like sausages.

Winter sounds like crunchy


Winter looks cold.

I like cuddling my Scooby-doo


By Kane

winter frost
Winter Frost

Winter smells like snow and


Winter tastes like hot chocolate.

Winter feels like an ice cube.

Winter sounds like a crack and


Winter looks like snow.

By Kian

Winter smells like fresh snow.

Winter tastes like roast.

Winter feels frosty and cold.

Winter sounds like the sea.

Winter looks like frost.

I like playing with my friends in

the snow.

By Drew