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A montage of countless possibilities and experiences gained from Development Work

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    1. 4 Years in College... Then What?!?

    2. ? ? ? ? ?

    3. It’s been almost a decade... • Principles of Child Development • Parent & Community Involvement • Developing a Curriculum • OBJECTIVE SETTING • RA 8980 • Child Assessment • Setting Up a Child Development Center • Creative Learning Experiences HOLISTIC CHILD DEVELOPMENT

    4. Four years of equipping, Tested the waters, tried teaching children for a while, a very short while. ... But the yearning for something deeper was steeping. Then the REAL adventure began...

    5. Started to tread that unfamiliar path Served as an advocate to help save Mother Earth. wWorked for Greenpeace Southeast Asia.

    6. That too, didn’t last for a long while... Stepped in as a contractual, and eventually got picked for an important part. Got called for a job, closer to my heart.

    7. Stayed there for about three years, Was deployed in Eastern Samar where our help is most needed, worked as Technical Officer on ECCD for Plan International. And here, I learned and discovered a lot of things. And led a simple life.

    8. Capacity-building

    9. Community Development

    10. School Construction Projects

    11. Awareness-Raising and Advocacy

    12. Networking and Linkages

    13. Innovating Strategies

    14. As I was gaining more and more knowledge, My heart was getting heavy, beginning to miss home. I said goodbye to my life in this Faraway Land, and rekindled my ties with everyone in my zone. More so, God gave me another job, not far too long.

    15. A Christian Org, I wanted to try There was a catch for the task at hand, ‘twas too huge for my “juvenile” work experience. CURRICULUM SPECIALIST for Compassion International sounds too big to me... “Need not fear for the Lord is near”, He helped me see things through, and I’m still standing in this post, 5 months and a couple of years, too. And He granted me just that.

    16. Curriculum Development and Design

    17. Partner Training and Support

    18. Research

    19. Holistic Child Development(Transformational Development)

    20. What made me stay in this field, you might ask?

    21. Travel and Discover New Things

    22. Travel and Discover New Things

    23. Meet People and Know their Culture

    24. Meet ‘other’ people

    25. Maximize your potential Get equipped

    26. But it’s not sunny all the time... You have to make sacrifices, you MIGHT give up some comforts of life. LIVE SIMPLER>

    27. Shifts can be disorienting (City life Country life, vice versa)   Also, Multi-tasking can be both your friend and enemy. It’s a matter of choice.

    28. Bottomline... • If you feel you’re cut out for the job • You have that inner sense of adventure • Plus you’re willing to see life’s realities • and Have the heart to help... • Go on and delve into Development Work. • Be patient • Persistent, • and Humble enough • Take on minor roles • eventually Reap into harvest. Remember, to whom much is given, much is expected. Be blessed. 