what many eyes knows lessons in collaborative visualization irene greif ibm fellow l.
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web 2.0 - what manyeyes knows

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web 2.0 - what manyeyes knows - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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web 2.0 - what manyeyes knows

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what many eyes knows lessons in collaborative visualization irene greif ibm fellow

What Many Eyes KnowsLessons in collaborative visualizationIrene GreifIBM Fellow

Center for Social Software

IBM Research

there is a pent up desire to analyze
There is a pent up desire to analyze

All that’s needed is a simple toolset


Anonymous says:

What is this spike in housing assistance?

Posted Wednesday January 10, 8:34 PM [ edit | delete ]

see view for this comment


What’s more, once given the tools…

… people will find surprising uses

surprising domain typical pattern

The long list of responses/trackbacks on the ESV blog entry: a discussion about the visualization and analysis.

Surprising Domain, Typical Pattern

1 User “crossway” uploads co-occurrence

data for biblical figures to Many Eyes

2 Crossway uses the network diagram

tool to create a graph visualization

3 Crossway writes about the

visualization on ESV blog

4 Many blogs (almost 100 by Google’s count)

write about crossway’s blog entry.

5 One of these bloggers posts new data to

Many Eyes—and, of course, blogs about the results.



…words rule!

what ibm research knows now
What IBM Research knows now:

Many Eyes is an example of Venture Research

Scalable real world deployments let research keep up with wisdom of crowds

The central theme of IBM’s Center for Social Software