how to paint a wheel l.
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paint your car wheels

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How to paint your car wheels after a curb scratch

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how to paint a wheel

How to paint a wheel

getting started

Getting started

The look of perfect set of alloy wheels is always good to set the style of a car. 

It is not that hard to paint them your self.

With a repair to curb scratches on the edges of the wheel, it is sometimes quite deep. this can be easier than you think to remedy.

All you need to do is 180 grit sanding disc the damage until it is not pitted or just as smooth as the rest of the wheel.

Follow this by 240 grit and then 500 grit, the follow up discs are to get the scratches out from the disc grades. Once happy with this, 500 all the wheel to key the rest of the paint on wheel.  

Any other damage you find on the wheel will be repaired the same.

the clean up

The clean up

Now the wheels are ready to paint, you need to clean them with a spirit wipe to get any grease or contamination type off.

Also any dust that wont be that easy to see needs to go, there are tack cloths which are sticky cloths that leave no residue once wiped over, and pick up every trace of dust.



The primer is next and is best as a wet on wet process, a one coat step that seals in any old paint and edges from the sanding.

Once this dry color is next, you could have any color but black white or silver is usually preferred.

Also the color is best in a basecoat  form, three coats of color and it should be covered enough to lacquer with a clear coat.



Lacquer is the final finish and should have two coats, leaving five minutes between them. You will need to leave until the first coat is tacky and then the second coat can flow into it.You will then need to let it to dry for about twelve hours, and then there ready to go back on.For free advice and a step by step guide, all from twelve years experience in the