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ANOVA answers software, the first script that allows webmasters to build answering communities online where users can ask questions and answer in text, audio and video.

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ANOVA is the last word in answers-website software - armed with it, you’ll have the power to change the way people across the globe view information.

ANOVA encourages innovation in knowledge - you can provide video and audio answers, interactive forums where your users can come together to discuss and debate answers and keep up to date with all information on the site through the RSS feed option.



  • Computer-mediated communication on knowledge sharing is the simplest and best way to learn more about computers, crafts, gardening, cooking, science or whatever is required.
  • Anova helps the webmaster to run a knowledge sharing site similar to Yahoo answers, and help the site members to get answers for any questions.
  • As an added advantage, members can attach videos and audios with the questions and answers.


Video Answers

Members can ask questions and answer the questions in an interactive way through videos, and get the experience of visual and interactive mixing in the site Video enhances the interaction between community members. It comes with a handy flash player that can be embedded in your site to allow streaming of video and audio without allowing downloads.

  • Audio Answers

Let the user hear the question or answer posted in the site. This is a brand new experience to hear the content than reading it. Audio can be recorded by voice recorder. Users can preview the audio before sending it live.

SEO Friendly Urls

Anova support SEO friendly Urls for Questions, forums, blogs.




  • Rewards point to members when they undertake any action on the website.
  • The points system is weighted to encourage users to answer questions and to limit spam questions.
  • The number of points users are rewarded depends on their participation level.

Home Page Customization

  • ANOVA users can control the homepage blocks (basically the content that is shown in different boxes) through the homepage block settings option in manage setting page.

User Friendly Admin Interface

  • The overall content and control of the site is organized and managed by ten main menus. From here you can administrate the entire website from users to videos.


Modules Customization

  • An Anova admin user can customize each of the modules of ANOVA. The admin user can enable or disable the site modules such as Registration, forum, blog and Internal mail modules.

Expand/Collapse Contents in Blog /Forum

  • ANOVA users are allowed to expand or collapse the contents of forum and blog posts.
  • When you don't need them, they are conveniently hidden away saving space and making your site look much nicer.

Tag Clouds

  • ANOVA displays the keywords or terms associated with the particular question or answer as tags, thus describing the item and enabling keyword-based classification and search of information…


Profile Avatar

  • Anova enables users to display their digital selves as Avatars, which can be managed or changed at any time.

RSS Feeds

  • Anova enables the user to publish frequently updated content such as Popular Blogs and Forums and Recent Questions and Answers.

Internal Messaging System

  • This feature allows the user to control the questions, answers, forums titles, forums topics, blogs and blog comments posted in the site.
  • Webmasters can turn off / on the publish feature. While the feature is turned on, users can control replies for their questions, forums, and blogs.

Publish Feature

  • This feature allows the user to control the questions, answers, forums titles, forums topics, blogs and blog comments posted in the site.
  • Webmasters can turn off / on the publish feature. While the feature is turned on, users can control replies.

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