lng in asia pacific market analysis capacity forecasts and competitive landscape to 2015 l.
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LNG in Asia Pacific - Market Analysis PowerPoint Presentation
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LNG in Asia Pacific - Market Analysis

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LNG in Asia Pacific - Market Analysis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Asia-Pacific’s Contribution to Global LNG Regasification Capacity Will Decrease by 2015

Asia Pacific’s contribution to global regasification capacity will decrease from 49.4% in 2010 to 39.8% in 2015. Mature LNG markets such as in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, would account for a small increase in LNG regasification capacity of Asia Pacific by 2015. Significant capacity additions in France,

Mexico, Italy and the US during 2011-2015 would increase the share of LNG regasification capacity of other regions (regions other than Asia Pacific) globally by 2015.

Australia Would Surpass Indonesia as the Country With Highest LNG

Liquefaction Capacity in Asia Pacific by 2015

With the commencement of several planned LNG liquefaction terminals, Australia would surpass Indonesia as the country with the highest LNG liquefaction capacity by 2015. In Australia, 12 planned LNG terminals would come online during the period 2011-2015, which would increase its existing LNG production capacity by 72.1 MMtpa by 2015. Chevron Corporation’s Gorgon LNG terminal would be the largest LNG liquefaction terminal among the planned ones with a capacity of 15 MMtpa. Planned LNG terminals in the Queensland province of Eastern Australia such as Gladstone LNG, Queensland Curtis LNG and Asia Pacific LNG terminals would use unconventional Coal Seam Gas (CSM) to produce LNG. These projects have already completed their Final Investment Decisions (FID).


Asia Pacific Will Account for 26% of the Global LNG Regasification Capacity Addition by 2015

Asia Pacific would account for more than one fourth of the total capacity addition in global LNG regasification market by 2015. It would add a capacity of 5,200.9 bcf during 2011-2015 through planned additions and expansions of existing LNG regasification terminals. India and China would together contribute approximately 55% to the total planned capacity addition in Asia Pacific and 13.5% to the

global capacity addition by 2015. In India, a growing demand for natural gas from the power and industrial sectors, a constrained domestic supply and absence of cross country pipeline import options have mandated LNG imports. In China, to meet the rapidly growing electricity demand and to reduce the high acid pollution levels, the government of China has adopted time bound, goal oriented policies to increase the share of natural gas in China’s primary energy mix. To achieve that, China has been increasing LNG imports since 2006, which are likely to continue through 2015.

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A significant contribution to the total capacity addition in Asia Pacific‘s LNG regasification market isexpected from new LNG importing countries by 2015.


New LNG Buyers and Suppliers Will Enter the Asian LNG Market by 2015

The Asian LNG market will witness the entry of new LNG buyers and suppliers by 2015. The growing demand for natural gas and a limited domestic supply has prompted many South Asian countries to build LNG regasification terminals by 2015. New LNG terminals will commence operations in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia by 2015. These countries will contribute 33% to the total planned capacity additions in Asia Pacific’s LNG regasification market by 2015.

Long-Term LNG Contracts Are Giving Way to More Short-Term or Spot LNG Trade

New entrants into the LNG liquefaction market, seasonal demand and fluctuating energy prices have worked in favour of short term LNG agreements with greater flexibility in contractual terms. These factors along with certain opportunities like surplus LNG capacity from liquefaction plants, the availability of tankers, spare capacity in LNG receiving terminals, and attractive market pricing have made noncontracted supply trade more favorable for the demand side of LNG trade. Recent developments in global energy markets such as increasing shale gas production in the US and the continuing global economic slowdown has increased LNG supply to Asian markets. It has also bestowed greater bargaining power to Asian buyers looking to increase their spot LNG purchases. It is


estimated that the non-contracted capacity in Asia Pacific would increase from 13.2 MMtpa in 2010 to 60.2 MMtpa in 2015, reflecting a strong shift towards spot trade.

“LNG in Asia Pacific - Market Analysis, Capacity Forecasts and Competitive Landscape to 2015”, is the latest report from GlobalData, the industry analysis specialists, that offers comprehensive information on the LNG markets in Asia Pacific. The report provides information on LNG Markets in Asia – covering the top five liquefaction markets: Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, Brunei Darussalam and Papua New Guinea and LNG regasification markets: Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China and India. It discusses the key factors affecting the growth of LNG demand and supply and highlights the key trends and issues in Asia Pacific LNG markets. It provides comprehensive information and analysis on LNG liquefaction and regasification markets with a focus on LNG liquefaction and regasification capacity, major companies and terminals in each market, LNG import and export volumes and contracted capacity. The report also elaborates on the competitive scenario detailing the operations of the major companies in the Asia Pacific

LNG market. The information and analysis on LNG markets in Asia Pacific is based on proprietary databases, primary and secondary research and in house analysis by GlobalData’s team of industry experts


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