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Start Your Savings Plan With Real Estate

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rooftoptimes vol 10 pg 1

Start Your Savings Plan With Real Estate


Put Real Estate Under Your Tree This Year!

Buying real estate at today’s prices makes buying a lot easier.

I remember just a few years ago home prices seemed over valued. Fast forward a few years and presto you can buy homes for less than used cars!

I just purchased a few homes myself. I picked one up for $7000! Yes, only $7000. With an added $17,000 in fix-up, my $24,000 investment has become a $75K home in my portfolio! Another property was a very nice brick 3 bedroom. I paid $16,000 for it. $10k later it is worth $90,000 dollars!

You might be wondering how I determined these homes current values. These numbers are based on experience, comparable sales and current appraisals.

Some people say this is to good to be true….The perfect storm……. Ok! Ok! I challenge you to check it out. You will find an investors gold mine!

Sticking a few of these awesome buys under your tree will put money in your stockings next year. Owning quality, marketable real estate does not lose! In bad markets it rents, and in good markets it sells! I know because I’ve been doing this for 23 years.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and profitable New Year!

Brett Young - Valley Realty

RoofTopTimes vol 10 Pg 1

What is your savings plan today? You could use many types of investment vehicles.

One might be a bond at 3%-4% interest. Taking inflation into account you’ll be breaking even on that investment.

Stocks are another vehicle you can choose. Unless your portfolio is managed by a genius, you have probably taken a considerable loss this year.

I choose real estate. Today, the homes we are buying have a 30% cap rate, and a 50% return on equity. Compare that to the aforementioned investments and I think you might come to the same conclusion!

My wife and I have amassed $490,000 in equity with our real estate purchases in the last 3 years, and we are still buying. These are the same types of properties we are currently recommending to our clients.

Buying real estate in this down market will allow you to cash in on the best prices we have seen in years. When the market is good, real estate prices go sky high because everyone in the nation thinks they are real estate investors. However, some of the richest families in America have gotten that way in the worst of markets!

Every analyst and financial guru will tell you to plan for your financial future. This is great advice, but the key to success is timing. No one can predict the future, but all indications point to the fact that NOW is the time to buy real estate.

Knowing What Your Buying

I had a comment in my blog about knowing what your buying. Great thought!

As an example, with our service, homes are always inspected and all rehabs are quoted by licensed contractors. This is completed during the inspection period allowing our investors to make an intelligent decision regarding their purchase.


RoofTop Times

Vol 10 Pg 2

Another Brett Property Story

I had just purchased a new vehicle, and decided to take on a Sunday drive. On my way I stopped at two open houses. Both homes were in the same neighborhood with the same sq footage and looked very similar. I found out later that one sold for $50,000 more than the other.

When I investigated what had happened, I discovered the only difference was an extra bathroom. At the time I happened to have a construction company. The cost of a new bathroom with the permits, plumbing, prints, fixtures (I always go to IKEA for that) and flooring cost around $4500. (Finding room in the home to add a bathroom without having to square footage can be a challenge). Could I put a bathroom in a home for under $5000 with a potential to make an extra $50,000 per home. Hmm?

I tested this theory on a home at 36th st and Indian School. Adding a bathroom allowed me to mark that home up $50,000 and bingo I suddenly had a new business plan!

I bought my next house without even looking at it. (I don’t recommend that though). The address was 2711 E Amelia Phoenix, Az. I did have a little problem though, there were renters in it.

Seeing the massive profit potential, I paid the tenants $4000 to get the heck out of dodge. They decided that they would take the money and run. I made over $40,000 on that home! I added a lot of bathrooms over the next few years all because I was paying attention.

Always keep your eyes open! You never know what you’ll find out there.

Brett Young - Valley Realty

Should You Worry About This Economy?

Right now people are under great stress. It is no wonder! We are fed bad news daily. While listening to the news is important, just remember that people are still making money today.

I have bought homes under both administrations, Republican and Democrat. No party really knows the your business, only you do.

Real estate is a great in all economies. Rents tend to go higher when interest rates go up and down when rates are lower. Rentals are usually always good in a bad market. (People have to live somewhere.)

Everyday we hear about foreclosures and gloom and doom. Just keep your mind in a state of making money and making intelligent decisions on purchase’s.

I have done well in down markets. For example; Years ago, I was buying condo’s in Mesa for a song. Some for as low as $15,000. Sound familiar? Everyone said that real estate would never come back. I think you know how valid that statement is.

So be careful what and who you listen too. Remember, investors can make money in any market. That investor could be you! Plug into the opportunities you are comfortable with, keep it in budget and you will be fine!

Brett Young - Valley Realty