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Taiwan Real Lives

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Taiwan Real Lives

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real lives

Real lives(:

By: Emily Garrett


Grace Durieu <3

some facts about taiwan s natou d
Some facts about Taiwan‘s natou :D
  • About 70 percent of Taiwan’s population is concentrated in metropolitan areas.
  • During the past few decades, the average age of Taiwan’s population has increased by about 1.8 percent.
  • The Austronesian languages are spoken by Taiwan’s ethnic people, while the most common Han dialects─Minnanese and Hakka─ are used by those whose ancestors immigrated from China’s Fujian and Guangdong Provinces, respectively, four centuries ago.
about me
About me!
  • Hello my name is Kuang-yin.
  • I was born with potential for exceptional athletic ability.
  • When I was 7 years old a earthquake hit Taiwan and 298 people died, but fortunately my family was not affected.
about me cont
About me: cont.,
  • When I was eight years old my sister Wei was born.
  • At the age of thirteen I found a wallet and didn’t even try to find the owner.
  • At fourteen I met a girl named, Deng-Tan hung. My parents didn’t approve of her. Then met another girl the same year, Zhiao Li-ping even though my parents didn’t approve of her I moved in with her because I got kicked out of the house. A year later she broke up with me.
  • At 17 got hookworms.
about me cont7
About me: cont.,
  • After I got hookworm, I met a new girl named Liang-Pao Pao and she graduated from secondary school.
  • At 18 I was cured of the hookworm and ended my relationship with her.
  • I smoked at 20. Met a woman named Gui-Fei married her at 22. A year later she suffered from malaria.
  • At 25 I began working as a nursing aid and got a 6% pay raise.
  • When I was 28 years old I left the military then started working as a policeman.
  • At 33 our son named Hong-bo was born.
  • Then he started school when I was 39.
about me and my family
About me and my family.
  • My mothers name isLai and my father is Xu. A have a brother named Guan- Xiu. At 8 my sister Wei was born.
  • I started a family of my own that consisted of me, my wife Han Gui-fei, and our son Hong-bo.
  • To the rest of the world, my family’s income to the rest of the world was almost 75% more.
as i grew up
As I grew up…..
  • While I was growing up I was very intelligent and athletic, which lead me to being a police officer.
  • I was an extremely happy child growing up and had a lot of conscience.
  • I gained a lot of wisdom growing up in the city of Taiwan‘s natou