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Medical Billing Service

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Medical Billing Service - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hippocratic Solutions provides the Highest Quality of Medical Claims Billing for Podiatry Billing, Cardiology Billing, Urology Billing, Radiology Billing, Anesthesiology Billing, OB/GYN Billing, Neurology Billing, Debt Collection, Practice Fusion & Many Other Specialized Practices Billing. Call now for a Free Quote : (866) 305-3911

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Hippocratic Solutions

Medical Billing & Coding

Expand your practice and leave the billing to us.....

Medical SEO

Podiatry Billing

Urology Billing

Medical Claims Billing

Dermatology Billing

Practice Fusion

Medical Billing

Podiatry Webinars


We're proud to say that we've increased reimbursements (net of our fees) for every practice we serve. Give us a call. We'll walk you through exactly what we do, encourage you to talk with our many satisfied clients, and provide a free assessment of how we can help you maximize your income so you can focus on practicing medicine.


We've been doing medical billing for years, and we're very good at it. We employ some of the best medical billers in the country. We've developed our own proprietary payer rules engine to track and maxmimize reimbursement for hundreds of eye procedures. We have dedicated insurance follow-up teams and rigorous processes, and we utilize state-of-the-art web-based software, all of which sets us apart. Read more about what we do and how we do it.


What we do for your practice.

* We enter patient demographic and insurance information, verify charges and codes, apply modifiers, and bundle/unbundled charges to maximize reimbursement.

* We prepare and submit all claims. The majority of claims are submitted electronically, and we submit secondary claims and prepare and mail paper claims to insurances as required.

* We post all payments and contractual adjustments, and manage appeals of insurance denials and underpayments.

* VSP charge entry and posting.

* We prepare and mail patient statements, and answer patient inquiries regarding patient statements.


Customer Service is our passion

* We provide you with meaningful monthly financial reports, including charges, collections, accounts receivable, and patient balances.

* We provide you with monthly feedback and suggestions on how your practice can increase revenues and reduce insurance payment denials.

* We provide you with a dedicated account team.

* We host our own 24x7 web-based document management system to receive and archive encounter forms, EOBs, and other correspondence, and we eliminate your risk of lost data by backing up all billing data, superbills, and EOBs to two separate data centers daily.

* We assist you in updating your fee schedule. We enroll your practice for electronic claims submission as required, and enroll your practice with all necessary insurance companies for claims submission.


To learn more please visit our HOME PAGE

Or Call Now (866) 305-3911

We Hope To Hear From You Soon