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Luxury Home Builder

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Luxury Home Builder Call Us Today! 281-914-3080/n

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custom home building

Custom Home Building

The Process

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Acquiring a custom home building is what most of the homeowners dream of. To others it is impossible but in reality it can be attainable. Having all those features and amenities that you would love to have

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two basic things in custom home building

Two basic things in Custom home building

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custom home building is very expensive, costs can be lessened or at least managed as you indicate what features are in the custom home. With the assistance of your builder and architect you will be able to accurately estimate the cost of your building.

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personal time
Personal time

Since you will be choosing which lot to purchase it requires you a great deal of travelling to survey potential sites that would be ideal for your custom home building.

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finding an architect

Finding an Architect

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Your architect will convert your dream custom home building into a real plan that will meet the state and local engineering requirements. He will provide advices on choosing the lot that will best suite your chosen home style

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things to consider in choosing the lot

Things to Consider in Choosing the Lot

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If possible, choose a lot with an approved septic design or is on municipal services.

  • Choose a lot with an electric/phone lines already pass by the home.
  • Determine if the lot meets your requirements from the perspective of the particular home that you want to build.
  • assess the grade and soil quality. Does it meet your home specific needs?

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Consider setbacks, easements and wetlands

  • Visit local town/city/country hall to confirmed that all the property specifics includes the rightful owner, tax records, zoning laws for the location of the lot and last sale price.
  • Make sure that the lot has no liens or encumbrances

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