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This presentation describes the possible impacts of e-commerce on a local business.

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  1. e-commerce for Fantasy Curtain and Linens Helen, Mitchel, Jonathan & Kristin

  2.                 The IT of e-commerce Computer Servers - Computer Servers is the IT system of e-commerce because all of the information from the product to the customer's credit card and other personal information is stored onto that server. Its also the host of the website. If this server is down then people can not participate in online shopping with this website.                     Computer servers can be defined as : • A software application • A computer • A protocol or communication language 

  3.                         Web Servers Each server has multiple servers within it carrying out different operations, however when it comes to using the web, Web browsers are responsible for most of communication between client and server machines (client-> server type) through web commands.  1. http:// - hypertext transfer protocol used to communicate with web browser 2. www. - host name They are readable versions of IP addresses (

  4.                     Online Shopping When reading text and viewing graphics,  you are downloading them onto your device. Online shopping is based upon servers (primary IT system), but also highly on "shopping carts", which are  Web software that allow you to add and delete products, set up categories, take orders, and sometimes other functions such as allowing you to print packing labels, email shipping information to customers, etc. These "carts" work through cookies and scripts untill the customer is ready to "check out"                                                    (     Cookies are pieces of text that a web server can store on a user's hard drive.  They allow the website to store information on a user's machine and later retrieve it and are stored as name-value pairs.  Cookies store user's information such as credit card numbers or bank account numbers (

  5.               Online Shopping (Continued) Cookies are often linked to privacy issues and concerns due to the fact that the company or website has access to such sensitive information on request Online shopping websites are often linked to databases that keep track of the store or business's inventory (in the warehouse). This allows the user to check if the item they wish to purchase is in stock. This would be valid for a smaller or even medium-sized business, since larger retailers often do not have the option to check this. (

  6. Social and Ethical Issues of e-commerce Privacy - marketing techniques used by e-commerce sites involve the use of cookies which track and monitior your online visits, the company then uses this to get more information about what you like and can target you to buy certain things. Security- customers who who participate in e-commerce often have to divulge their credit card information to many companies and their servers. Too much sensitive information being released worries the customers (possible solution for this is encryption and SSL storing credit card numbers in a seperate protected database)

  7.     Privacy and Security when Shopping Online • When entering sensitive information into a Website, make sure it is using HTTPS (secure hypertext transfer protocol), meaning that your information is being encrypted. This makes it very difficult for third-party viewers to capture any of this information, which would otherwise be quite vulnerable on the web.  • An alternative to using the very pricey HTTPS  (often used by smaller companies online) is using a digital signature.This uses an SSL (Secure Socket Layer).It basically is used for the same purpose as HTTPS but at a fraction of the cost, through a subscription with a company (ex: Verasign).  (

  8. Advantages of e - commerce - No barriers between businesses (time, geography ect.) - Eliminates errors when processing orders, fast, easy and efficient. - allows for a flourishing market for specialty items (things that are not  found in traditional markets can now have their own businesses) - Overall provides a cheaper shopping experience for the business and the customers.

  9. Disadvantages of e-commerce - Competition effects everyone equally even small specialty stores - bad webhosting is also a drawback if your page is not ran and kept properly it may discourage customers from buying your product. - customers are more ephemeral, may visit the page more then they buy from the page. - have to be able to handle online orders as well as in store orders managing work becomes more difficult.

  10. e-commerce for Fantasy Curtains and Linens e- commerce is a highly recommended tool for your small business. Here are some things that need to be kept in mind:  -  Get in contact with warehouse to make sure that they have up to date databases - Need to get in contact with credit card companies, either to purchase an HTTPS or a digital certificate.              (HTTPS is costly as well as digital certificates, however the                 certificates are more economical they cost at least $400) By examining your budget and profits, you should be able to decide whether or not investing in e-commerce will be the right solution for you. Prospective profits should also be kept in mind, however. E-commerce will allow your business to expand it's market.

  11. What Will Your Web Page Need? In order to compete with big brand name chain stores your site will need to be well organized and have significant appeal in order to encourage customers to buy. The team has investigated another website and we evaluated the features that are necessary for your website.                  Business investigated:

  12. Product Overview

  13. Features of the Product Overview •  Product's aesthetic description • Product, price, unit, quantity, color, size • Details related to the product • Tips on measuring and installing curtains/blinds • Additional suggestions for achieving desired aesthetic feel (product suggestions) • Image of  product (option to view a larger image of the product) • A customer review section in which the customers reflect on their satisfaction with the product purchased.

  14. Shopping Basket Set Up

  15. Features for the Shopping Basket The primary function of the shopping basket is to summarize the customers order. It is important that all the pertinent information is displayed so that they can correct any mistakes.  - an image of the product accompanied by the name - There are options for quantity size and color.  -The price for one unit, then the price of the total order is given at the end of the row. -There is also a section where the cost of the entire order is added to the tax.  ** special feature to think about is having the cost represent in a menu that is accessible through out the other site in case you need to navigate away from the main order page.

  16. Payment Options Consumers purchase the product of the company through different payment options. These options consist of using: • Credit/Debit Cards • Gift Cards • These are prepaid cards that allow the user to pay for an item as long as the item doesn't exceed the amount of money that was instilled into the card. • PayPal • This is an Internet-based payment service. This payment plan offers a more secure  way to conduct money transaction involving online shopping. PayPal functions as a method of purchasing items off of sites that utilize e-commerce.

  17. THE END.

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