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Presentation Transcript

No 1. Best NEW FS teamer

Mina ( Brand manager, region West)

Daniela P. (Modern trade manager, Diary division)

Miroslav (Key account manager, MDO BG)

Sofia (Mr. Karakolev’s newly born daughter)

No 2. The FASTEST integrated new comer

Elena T. (HD manager) “ Хайде да пием кафе”

Dimitar M. (MDO manager) “Толкова е готино да се работи в такава обстановка.”

Anastasia (Marketing manager) “Моля заповядайте да дегустирате...”

Dimitar (BM, Ital foods) “Да, разбира се!”

Raya (BM, Ital foods)“Пожелавам ви хубав и слънчев ден!”

Kiril (BM, HPC) “Абе, искам да те питам нещо...”

No 3. Strong MIND in strong body

Ralitza (Sales specialist)

Yanko (District Manager, region West)

Spas ( TT manager, MDO Bulgaria)

Lyudmil(Purchasing Manager Packaging)


No 4. The most MEMORABLE phrase 2010

1.Dimitar M. (MDO manager) “Bum bum bum”

2. Rossen P. (Marketing manager) – “Shmiki-Shmaki”

3. Ivailo B. (GBU) – “Dear all..”

4. Krasen K. (GM) – “Pleasebeaware, thatdue to

thehighvolume of electroniccorrespondence I receive,

thereis a riskthatyourmessagesmightberesponded

to withgreatdelayormightnotberesponded to atall.

To facilitatefasterandmoreeffectivecommunication,

youareadvised to alsoturn to othermembers of the FS team.”

No 5. Together FOREVER:

Yanko & Philip

Nedko & Ilia

Marin & Mincho (despite the long distance relationship)

Vania R.. & Desislava St.

Veselina & Elena

Krasimir & Petina

Nora & Antoaneta D.


N 6. Dancing with the WOLFS

ITAL lady team – Hristina, GerganaT., Raya;

HPC team – Ilina, Dessislava V., Petia, Rumen, Cvetan

HDT team – Plamena;

MDO local team – Veselina, Dessislava V., Mincho, Raltza,

Stefan, Dimitar, Cvetan P, Maya L,

Biliana, Space, Petina

5. BS team – Ivailo, Tania V., Hristo


No 7. The most CHARMING smile

Milena M. & team “ Say cheese”

Dessislava T. & team “Kubeti cheese”

Hristina & team “Maretti four types of cheese”

No 8. The DELIGHTFUL ones

ITAL Global team – My Motto! Live double, Cocoa double!

HPC Global team – Semana “Endless fascinating fragrance”

HDT Global team - Milde “Softly said, perfect”

No 9. Small, BIG, Bigger

HDT – Puffies, Milde, Emeka &Everbel;

HPC – Teo mega brand & Savex;

ITAL – Kubeti, Tornado & Maretti;

No 10. Ninja

HPC – 26 planned innovations for 2011

HDT – 13 planned innovations for 2011

ITAL – 12 planned innovations for 2011


No 11. Mr. FS

Yanko ( District Manager, region West)

Philip ( Market Development Specialist, region West)

Ivailo B. (GBU)

Miroslav (KAM, MDO Bulgaria)

No 12. MrsFS

Veselina (MT manager, MDO Bulgaria)

Petina (Logistic specialist)

Mina (BM, region West)

Milena (BM, HDT Global division)

No 13. EverGreener

Stanley (R&D)

Mitko (BM, Ital foods)

Maya (KAM, MDO Bulgaria)

Nora (Finance)


Stay tuned!

The winners will be announced soon…

P.S. all kinds of nice gestures

(gifts, food, ect.)

are accepted (and expected!)


Tony M, Soya, Gery