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Portfolio Management

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  • Provide the team the capability to manage basic infrastructure and resource needs in providing multi-port business system requirements


Chief Admin Officer


Chief Admin Officer

Executive Secretary

VP-Global IT

Global IT Committee

regional heads/ section heads and MICT IT mgr

Regional IT Heads/ MICT IT Manager

Executive Secretary

VP-Global IT


Corporate Systems Specialist

Systems and Operations Manager

Corporate Solutions and Portfolio Manager

Corporate Solutions and Portfolio Manager

Network Specialist

Business Solutions Head

Project Lead

Project Lead

Systems Administrator

Network Engineer

Business Analyst

QA and R&D Head

R&D / QA Head

Software Architect

Software Architect

Project Lead

Business Solutions Support

Systems Administrator

Network Engineer

R&D / QA

Business Analyst

QA and R&D specialist

Functional Analyst

Dev’t Lead

Dev’t Lead

Project Lead

Functional Analyst

QA/ Deployment

Implementation Lead

Implementation Lead

QA and R&D specialist

Functional Analyst

Implementation Lead

Implementation Lead

Tech Support


Solutions and Portfolio Group

Context to Global IT:

Global IT

Solutions Team

will be present in the entire

service delivery cycle –

from conceptualization to

execution to support

keep abreast of the needs

of the business

successfully deliver IT services

to our clients

make IT activities transparent

to our stakeholders

Portfolio Team

will harness information economics

to measure and report IT value in

an accurate and timely manner.


Solutions and Portfolio Group


Solutions Team

Portfolio Team

Work with clients in determining

the optimal mix and sequencing

of proposed projects, solutions and

services to bestachieve the

organization’s overall goals,

while honoring constraints

imposed by management, the client,

or external factors.

Provide visibility of the total ICTSI

IT portfolio

Support continuing measurement

of the IT portfolio

Establish a global platform for best


Optimize IT spend and drive increase in partner-vendor’s service levels.

Ensure that Global IT projects are

properly scoped, developed

and implemented.

Identify improvement areas

on IT utilization


Solutions and Portfolio Group

Job Roles:

Solutions Team

Portfolio Team

Perform due diligence of Country,

Business and IT

Technology updates, including

vendor product analysis, and

testing of solutions against

strategy and constraints

Assess opportunities for external


Develop Proof of Concept

Operational Review

Define, capture and disseminate

benchmarks and metrics for

IT Solutions and Services

Technology Updates

Portfolio review with organizational


Provide platform for collaboration

on best developed practices

Industry peer and competitor reviews

Populate the PM information system

to capture accurate and current

portfolio information for the use

and information of stakeholders

Facilitate inclusion of new projects/

programs into the portfolio

Plan portfolio exits and changes


Solutions and Portfolio Group

Team Members:

Solutions Team

Portfolio Team

Mitch Satuito

Aladin Mislang

Zabrina Fuertes

Prez Baisa

Jeulian Val Campos

Monette Buenaventura








Roll Out


  • .






Assess options & prove business viability

Prepare for Implementation

Project implementation

Roll-out and review

Completion of project

Assess & Develop the idea

Handover to operations

Define resource requirements – time, cost, manpower

Work with stakeholders on project plan

Review performance & take corrective actions

Create Initial Brief

Find relevant learning of the project

Identify and assess business need

Disbanding the project team

Interview stakeholders, resolve conflicts,

Define constraints

Continue to communicate & evaluate delivery

Capture team learnings and apply in succeeding roll-out

Test Solutions with constraints

Post-Implementation Review

Check existing solutions or resources and fit with strategy

Continue to manage risks

Manage change in scope

Refine & agree scope

Assess opportunities for external collaboration

Prepare the organization for change: comm’n and transition plan


Closure document.

Prepare a menu.

Prepare a short-list.

Solutions Group Funnel (looking at a project)


The strategic question. Is the system/project/service:

  • Consistent with our business principles
  • Contributing to our strategic objectives
  • Providing optimal value, at affordable cost,
  • at an acceptable level of risk
  • Have we defined:
  • -A clear and shared
  • understanding of the
  • expected benefits
  • -Clear accountability for
  • realizing the benefits
  • The value question. Do we have:
  • Relevant metrics
  • An effective benefits realization process

Are we doing the right things?

Are we getting the benefits?






Are we doing them the right way?

Are we getting them done well?

  • The architecture question. Is the system/project/service:
  • Consistent with our architectural principles
  • Contributing to the population of our architecture
  • In line with our other initiatives
  • The delivery question. Do we have:
  • Effective and disciplined management
  • Delivery and change management processes
  • Competent and available technical and business
  • resources to deliver:
  • - the required capabilities
  • - the organizational changes required to
  • leverage the capabilities

Portfolio Group (looking at the landscape)


Global IT

Solutions and Portfolio Group

Thank you!