a good night s sleep can make wonderful changes n.
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True Sleeper Best Price Online Shopping PowerPoint Presentation
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True Sleeper Best Price Online Shopping

True Sleeper Best Price Online Shopping

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True Sleeper Best Price Online Shopping

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  1. A good night’s sleep can make wonderful changes to your day

  2. DESCRIPTION • You will feel refreshed, energetic, and raring to go. • If you are plagued by sleep problems constantly, it can wreak havoc with your schedule and frustrate you endlessly. • It has been proven to give relief to many and its sleep improving quality is attested by experts. • This true sleeper is made of excellent quality memory foam and is an ideal addition to your home.

  3. SUPERIOR QUALITY • The True Sleeper is made of top quality foam that is highly visco-elastic in nature. • When placed on top of your existing mattress, you can see an instant change in the sleeping surface. • The memory foam was first designed for the airplane seats of NASA during the mid-1960s. • The foam is soft in texture and is energy absorbent.

  4. The foam in the true sleeper is based on this memory foam quality and is made of two layers. • The bottom layer has a 2.5 pound base layer of 5” thickness that is supportive in nature. • The top layer consists of memory foam that is made of safe and non-toxic materials.

  5. EXCELLENT FUNCTION • The main function of the memory foam is to respond to the energy exuded by the body. • The pressure and heat from the body is absorbed by the foam and it responds favourable by distributing the entire body weight in an even manner. • The foam molds itself to the body shape, and returns to its original shape when the pressure is taken off.

  6. BENEFITS OF THE TRUE SLEEPER • The true sleeper is a revolutionary product that is created to conform to your body contour easily. The mattress gives you various benefits. • It cradles the body and gives you ultimate comfort and luxury after a hard day’s work. • It reduces the pressure points remarkably, giving your spine a natural alignment.

  7. Energy levels are balanced in the right manner with the beneficial energy absorbent property of the memory foam. • Whatever position you sleep in, you will feel very comfortable and the tossing and turning that disturbs your sleep is reduced considerably. • The mattress contours are designed perfectly and it springs to its original position when the pressure is released.

  8. ULTRAMODERN CONVENIENCE • This mattress is very convenient to use. You need not replace your existing mattress. • The true sleeper with its 2” memory foam can be placed over your existing mattress, as it adapts to any space easily. • Its surface is designed to match to the body shape, thus relieving pressure on the points that make you uncomfortable.

  9. With the true sleeper on your mattress, you can change your existing mattress into a high level sleep area that is well within your budget. • The major problem with ordinary mattresses is that they are too solid and pressurize your body unduly. • With true sleeper, you can forget the sleepless nights completely. Buying it is the best investment you can make for your body.

  10. TRUE SLEEPER • You will feel refreshed, energetic, and raring to go. Actual bed size True sleeper Single – MRP: 10995 – Offer Price: Rs. 7995 Double Size: MRP: 13995 – Offer Price: 10995

  11. CONTACT INFORMATION : • RP TelebuySkyshop (P) Ltd,19, Numbal Road,Numbal, Chennai 600077 • Email: • Website: