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Ecuador Travel

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Ecuador Travel
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Ecuador Travel

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  1. Gray Line Ecuador

  2. Why Galapagos Tours Belong on Your Bucket List Rome, Paris, New York City, and Milan – the world has some amazing destinations for people who want to see it all and do it all in their lifetimes. One place that’s often overlooked, but truly belongs on that list is a bit off the beaten path. Even so, Galapagos travelcan provide a spectacular adventure that rivals even Paris in the memories-to-last-a-lifetime department. If you’re not sure Galapagos toursbelong on your bucket list along with the European greats for tourists, just consider these things you’ll be able to see and do: • Walk where history was made – Ecuador traveljust isn’t complete without a trip to the famed Galapagos. Located about 600 miles west of the mainland, these islands served as an inspiration to Charles Darwin as he drafted his theory of evolution. Indeed, with some of the world’s most unusual and distinct creatures calling this island group home, you’ll get to see just what inspired Mr. Darwin during his time aboard the Beagle. • See some amazing scenery – With gently rolling hills overlooking the Pacific’s deep blue waters, the Galapagos have some of the most breathtaking landscapes found anywhere in the entire world. Add Galapagos travel to your bucket list and you will be able to explore the pristine wilds while returning nightly to resorts fit for housing royalty. • Get up close with some legendary animals – From blue footed boobies to Galapagos tortoises, the islands are home to some of the world’s most unusual critters. Visitors here can see these creatures and many more up close. • Explore the beaches – Water lovers will love the Galapagos for sure. The island has a number of pristine Pacific beaches, but few top Tortuga Bay Beach for its breathtaking beauty. It’s also possible to enjoy some serious water sports, diving and more while staying here. Galapagos travel might not be more popular with tourists than trips to Barcelona, Rome or Paris, but that’s what makes it so special. Add this unique destination to your bucket list and you will have an extraordinary time that few can boast.

  3. Travel to Ecuador & Tours to Galapagos Islands

  4. Contact Information :: Gray Line Ecuador Address:Paúl Rivet E3 - 54 y J. Orton(Edificio Mokai - 7th floor)Quito, Ecuador – 170516 Phone:(593-2) 3948-520Fax:(593-2) 3530-437 Website: