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Wood Burning Stoves

There are many woodstove manufacturing companies that have introduced a wide range of contemporary designs of this heat stove in the UK market today.

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Wood Burning Stoves

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  1. Wood Burning Stoves A Guide to Use Them Smartly & Efficiently

  2. Well, at first place, this post assumes that you already own a wood burning stove or you are thinking of buying one for your home. • The aftershocks of global economic crisis of the year 2007 are still witnessed all around the world. No matter where you live, you can’t escape to the implications of this worldwide financial crisis such as recessions. • And UK isn’t an exception to this financial dilemma! While the top employers and companies across the UK are cutting down on the recruitment figures, the energy consumption prices are increasing fast in the country. • However, there is one great solution that can not only help you save huge money on your electricity bills but add more charm to your home décor. Install a modern wood burning stove and start burning logs from today. • There are many woodstove manufacturing companies that have introduced a wide range of contemporary designs of this heat stove in the UK market today. In fact, many of the new models of wood stoves are certified to be used in smoke-free zones as well. • These modern wood stoves have replaced the old-fashioned stone fireplaces, mostly seen in the rural countryside areas of the country.

  3. Wood Burning Stoves – Why it really makes sense to have one? • In comparison of an open fireplace, wood stoves offer many advantages to homeowners. For example, unlike traditional fireplaces, the fire remains enclosed in wood stoves and thus you need not to sit against it to protect embers on the carpet; instead you can roam anywhere in the house leaving all your worries for safety behind. • In addition, wood stoves are more efficient in making the optimal use of logs and other gases to generate heat. According to a study, a modern wood burning stove is 70-80% efficient, while a traditional open-fire stove is 20% efficient. • And interestingly, you are not solely dependent on wood as a fuel while using a modern wood burner. They are multi-fuel wood stoves, meaning you can also burn gases, coal, wood pellets or peat.

  4. How to use a wood stove efficiently? • Buy the right accessories - If you are able to find enough wood to fuel your wood burning stove, you will perhaps need some accessories to chop trees down. An electrical chainsaw is a perfect equipment to meet your needs, and it won’t cost you more! However, you can also look around for other equipment that can help you cut trees and branches ensuring complete safety for you. • Use the right log size – Read the manufacture’s guideline document or instruction manual to know the maximum recommended length and diameter of logs that can be used as a fuel in your wood burning stove. In case, the diameter of logs you have on hand is more than the one recommended by your manufacturer, you can split the logs into smaller sections and use them safely into your stove. • Store damp wood – You can’t immediately use the freshly cropped timber. You need to store it for at least 6 months, so it can dry out completely and become seasoned wood. Damp wood not only provides less heat but also produce more tar in the smoke. • Considering all the benefits of wood burning stoves, there has never been a better time of installing a wood stove in your house. Even if you buy wood from outside, it’s definitely much cheaper than natural gas, oil and electricity. And on top of all, using a wood stove will provide you the ultimate joy of countryside life without compromising your modern fashion sense, safety and comfort.

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