benefits of search engine optimization methods to choose an efficient seo n.
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Benefits of SEO and Methods to choose an Efficient SEO PowerPoint Presentation
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Benefits of SEO and Methods to choose an Efficient SEO

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Benefits of SEO and Methods to choose an Efficient SEO

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Benefits of SEO and Methods to choose an Efficient SEO

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  1. Benefits of Search Engine Optimization &Methods to choose an efficient SEO

  2. Benefits of SEO for your online Business • Modern world of cut-throat competition of e-commerce makes SEO imperative. • More and more sites are clamouring to optimize their rankings • It leads to more visibility, leading to more business. • Behind the scenes every internet search involves complex software. • It is intelligent enough to se which pages are the most relevant to the search. • Customer typically buys from a company which comes up top in the search list.

  3. Benefits of SEO for your online Business(Continued) • SEO is the process of figuring out “key words”, potential customers might use to find what the website is offering. • Further it involves doing whatever is necessary to move to the top of the search results so that these searchers visit that site. • Simple analysis of traffic(in the adjacent figure) to Google reveals 29 percent of internet users’ worldwide visit the Google site on a daily basis. • This clearly reveals an opportunity with search engines

  4. Benefits of SEO for your online Business(Continued)

  5. Benefits of SEO for your online Business(Continued) • Facts in previous slide( on an average 7 pages of Google are viewed everyday ) emphasize on search engine marketing. • Making it to the first page is a barometer of a sites success in SEO. • Higher probability that the relevant link will be clicked on when its rank is high. • SEO utilises tools and methods in making the site top ranked in the results of search engines. • Getting the website in the top half of the page ensures that the site will generate public awareness. • It subsequently generates more traffic that could lead to potential income and business.

  6. How SEO helps • SEO refers to the process of “optimizing” both the on-page and off-page ranking factors • Is the “industry” that revolves around obtaining high rankings in the search engines for desirable keyword search terms • Refers to an individual /company that optimizes websites for its clientele. • SEO usually refers to an individual/firm that focuses on optimizing for “organic” search engine rankings

  7. On Page and Off Page Optimization • On-page SEO is working on the pages of a website to maximise its performance. • Off-page SEO is working off the pages of a website to maximise its performance related to keywords in off-page direct-links.

  8. Organic Search v/s PPC

  9. Techniques to be avoided in SEO • Black Hat SEO- A tactic intended to misrepresent a website by displaying different information to the search engine v/s the user. • Link Farms Provision of these links in exchange for links to their site in an attempt to improve their rankings. • Google Bombing Establishing links with certain anchor text in order to achieve a high ranking for that term. Any of the above practices sighted by the Search Engine could lead to the immediate exclusion.

  10. How to choose an SEO 1. Goal • Growing the business at a good ROI is generally the ultimate goal. • Value can be determined to place on each lead that comes through SEO efforts . • Budget could also be a constraint when choosing a SEO firm or product. • Value proposition of each SEO firm or product evaluated in accordance with the future goals and required ROI.

  11. How to choose an SEO (Contd) 2. Every Website is Unique • An SEO firm would have to do customised work on each of the unique website. • Human resource deployment by a firm also leads to customized work by the SEO firm . • A small firm would have less resources(copywriter, development team ,public relations etc) on hand and would expect the SEO firm to provide resources. • While choosing an SEO the unique needs of your website should be kept as the focus

  12. How to choose an SEO (Contd) 3. Experience of SEO provider • Number of projects handled by an SEO is a good indication of the experience . • Request references before agreeing to move forward , in the early stages of an SEO campaign . • It highlights the SEO’s success rate, work ethic, customer service efforts, strategies and techniques. • Request and Search the SEO’s Keywords. • Searching and viewing how well the SEO’s rank is a direct indicator as to how the client company will be ranked / handled.