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how to choose the best fridge freezer

how to choose the best fridge freezer

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how to choose the best fridge freezer

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  1. how to find the best fridge freezers for the best price for yourself? When you want to buy a fridge freezer you will find that there a lots of types and brands for you to choose from,but the question is which one to choose?

  2. In this article I will tell you how to choose the best fridge freezer for you , we will compare the pros and the cons of various type of fridge freezers on the market,from small chest freezers, american fridge freezer and others.

  3. types of fridge freezers There are many types in fridge freezers , include 3 basic types , they are Freestanding fridge freezers, Integrated fridge freezers and American-style fridge freezers , you can find their pro and cons in the following article. Freestanding fridge freezers : a typical freestanding fridge freezers

  4. Freestanding fridge freezers are cheap and the most common ones . usually you can find those ones in ordinary family kitchen ,and they have the largest sales . Integrated fridge freezers: a typical integrate fridge freezers

  5. Integrated fridge freezers are the ones that fit under the cupboard if you do care about the good design of you kitchen , you should consider them . but they are more expensive. American-style fridge freezers: a typical American-style fridge freezer inside look a typical American-style fridge freezer outside look

  6. American-style fridge freezers are the ones has side by side doors , somepeople called them French-door models. They need a large room and can hold lots of foods , but they are also expensive compare to the ordinal Freestanding fridge freezers the size of Fridge freezers How big the size of a fridge freezer you need is decide by the food you want to store in it . if you are in a big family and has a good amount of room , then maybe American-style or French-door freezer is for you , if you do care about the design of your kitchen then go for the integrate one , otherwise , choose the freestanding type. So before you finally made your decision , consider your requirement and make a plan for it ,make sure to leave enough for your appliance.

  7. The true storage capacity of fridge freezers Usually the bigger the fridge freezer it occupied , more things it can store inside ,but that’s not always the case Manufacturers tell consumer the internal space in the specification , but these figures can be misleading, because shelves, drawers and door racks can take some space for themselves . the biggest difference between manufacturers’ claimed capacities and real storage space could up two 20% percent , and the best way to find out is to check it out your self before you place the order.

  8. Fridge freezer features The special features of a fridge freezers is another point you should consider. Some feature can make it easier to use and others may help food to stay fresher . that’s the thing you should check out when you choose. The most basic models will chill and freeze your food, while some will make ice, dispense filtered water and balance out humidity levels in your salad crisper drawer to help fruit and veg last longer. Usually the more feature the fridge freezers has ,the higher the price will be ,usually the new model will have the most number of feature ,but they are quite expensive, and your will not need all of these feature,so just choose the one that’s suit you in your budget .

  9. Useful fridge freezer features frost-free feature frost-free feature means you’ll never face the messy chore of having to defrost the freezer when ice builds up. In a survey of more than 10,000 Which? members, 93% told that a frost-free feature is the most useful fridge freezer feature.

  10. Temperature alarm and door alarm features Sometimes due to door not closed or other malfunction reasons , fridge freezers’ inside Temperature will be abnormal , if you have the 2 features above in your fridge freezer ,they will alarm you , during our survey 91% and 88% of our members, respectively, think these features are useful or essential.

  11. If you just wanty to get a basic fridge freezer, we’d recommend choosing one has glass shelves, rather than wire ones, this can help to prevent meat and food juices dripping onto the items on the shelf below. And transparent freezer drawers will help you see at a glance what you’ve got stored in your freezer rather to open them one by one to find out. The color of Fridge freezer Usually There are a variety of colors you can choose from a model, choose the color best suit for the envirment . black or more colourful model to suit the style of your kitchen. These are usually a bit more expensive than the basic white color. A stainless steel or brushed steel finish style will cost more.

  12. climate class of a Fridge freezer Every fridge freezer has a ‘climate class’,that tells you the range of room temperatures it’s designed to work within. Most UK fridge freezers have a climate class of SN , that means it will work in rooms with a temperature range from 10°C to 32°C. One thing you must do when you buy a fridge freezer is to check the climate class of the model you want to buy , make sure its working temperature is going to be ok There are some N class models available in the UK. These are designed to work in rooms that don’t fall below 16°C, so they’re not suitable for chilly kitchens. Unless you keep the central heating switched on overnight during the winter, we wouldn’t recommend buying a N, ST or T class of refrigeration appliance.

  13. Energy consume of Fridge freezer As long as Your fridge freezer is on there will be energy consumption , as the energy become more and more expensive , you will absolutely need a energy efficient fridge freezer Every fridge freezer has an energy label bar on it to show how energy efficient it is, and new models come with an A+, A++ or A+++ label, among them the A+++ rating is the most efficient one. Although the one with higher rating usually will be more expensive than the lower one , but trust me that’s worth the monry.

  14. Energy labels vs running costs Energy labels means the efficiency of the fridge freezer ,the total energy consumption is determine by the efficiency and the size of the appliance which is based on manufacturers’ claimed capacities. But since we don’t think these capacities are a real reflection of the amount of food storage room , so we rate how energy efficient a fridge freezer is at cooling the space you can actually use for storing . We’ve found that two similarly sized fridge freezers with the same energy rating can have very different at the actual running costs. For example, the Bosch KGV33NW20G and the Hotpoint FUFM171P are both labelled A+ and have about the same amount of usable storage space: 230 litres and 234 litres, respectively. The Bosch costs £37 a year to run, yet the Hotpoint costs £52 – that’s £15 more. Add the difference up over the fridge freezer’s lifetime, and you would end up forking out much more than you need to.

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