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English II: World Literature PowerPoint Presentation
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English II: World Literature

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English II: World Literature
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English II: World Literature

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  1. English II: World Literature How to Succeed in Ms. Romeo’s Class and Be Happy

  2. Non-negotiables • Come to class ready to think and work. • Have an open-mind. • Make good choices. • You must pass English II to become a junior/graduate.

  3. Website/Emails • Always visit www.missromeoenglish.weebly.com for clarification/extra copies/resources. • E-mail Miss Romeo at rromeo@wcpss.net for any questions/help needed/etc. • Do not email assignments/essays. • Do not email questions past 9pm at night (I sleep sometimes).

  4. Materials Needed • 3-Ring Binder divided into the following sections: • Notes • SPES Journal • Handouts • Do Now • Plenty of loose leaf paper • Pencils/pens • A plethora of 3x5 index cards • Highlights • One box of tissues (greatly appreciated) • Post-it notes

  5. Houses • Each group will be a house for 9 weeks out of the semester. • Your house will gain Excellence Points for desirable behaviors. • Your house will lose Excellence Points for undesirable behaviors. • We will tally the points each Friday. • At the end of the 9 weeks, the house with the most points wins.

  6. Phone Cell • Students will not use their cell phones in class unless granted permission. • It’s a respect thing. • Cell violations: • Student will be asked to put phone away. • Miss Romeo will incarcerate the phone in the Phone Cell until the end of class. • Miss Romeo will send the phone to the office to be picked up by a parent or guardian.

  7. Computer Usage • Students may ask Miss Romeo to use the class computer at appropriate times during class/Husky Help. • Students MAY NOT print essays/homework on class computer.

  8. Bathroom/Pencil Sharpening/Other Non-Educational Annoyances • Students may ask permission to use the bathroom/sharpen their pencils during appropriate times such as: independent work time, group work time, after quizzes/tests/presentations. • Students should not disturb notes, presentations, etc. to use the bathroom (unless it’s an emergency, obviously) or sharpen their pencil.

  9. Absence • Students will visit the Absent file folder on the day they return to class. It is the student’s responsibility to get their missed work. • Students will meet with Miss Romeo to discuss any vital information they may have missed. • Notes will always be available on www.missromeoenglish.weebly.com.

  10. Tardiness • Students must get a Sweeper Pass to enter the classroom after the bell. • Please do your best to be in class on time.

  11. Do Now • At the beginning of each class, students will have an activity to complete. • This should be completed quietly and independently, unless otherwise noted.

  12. Textbooks/Books • Treat books with respect; it’s your tax money. • Any book that leaves the room must be signed out.

  13. Achieve 3000 • Each week, students are responsible for reading and answering questions about 2 articles on Achieve 3000. • Students must earn a 75% or higher on their first attempt at answering the questions to earn credit. • Each completed article is 10 points, which means 2 articles per week is 20 Homework points. • Achieve 3000 homework must be completed outside of class (Husky Help, before/after school, etc.)

  14. Vocabulary • Each Monday, students will be presented with a list of 10 words they must master. • Word lists can be found at www.quizlet.com/hhseng2. • Flash cards for vocab words due Tuesday. • Homework for these words will be due the following Wednesday. • Each Friday, students will be quizzed on these words.

  15. Grammar • Each Tuesday/Thursday, students will participate in grammar lessons. • Lessons will focus on capitalization and punctuation, as well as other basic grammar.

  16. SPES Journals • Students will write several (A BUNCH OF) SPES paragraphs this semester. • SPES paragraphs should be kept in a “journal” or tab in a binder. • Miss Romeo will randomly collect SPES paragraphs.

  17. Husky Help • Students will treat Husky Help time respectfully. • Time for: • Quiz/test make-ups • Completing missing assignments • Getting extra help

  18. Husky Help • If a student has a 69% or below, he/she must stay for Husky Help and work diligently. • If a student is missing any assignments, he/she must stay for Husky Help and work diligently. • Student numbers will be posted on the board to inform students if they are required to participate in Husky Help.

  19. By now, you should have read Foster’s How to Read Literature Like a Professor, as well as, "The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. • The short story, “’The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World” should be annotated as per the Summer Reading assignment page on the Heritage English Department Weebly.

  20. Due Soon: • Annotations/Quiz on “Handsomest…World”: 1/26 (after this date, this work is late). • Signed Syllabus: 1/25 • Honors Opt-out: 1/25

  21. Late Work Policy -“Ms. Romeo, can I give you my homework at lunch today or at the end of class?”= 5% off earned grade. -“Ms. Romeo, can I hand it in tomorrow?”= 10% off earned grade. -“Ms. Romeo, can I hand it in the day after tomorrow?”=20% off earned grade -This continues up to 40% off.

  22. Late Work Policy -Each quarter, there are school-wide late work deadlines. -All late work must be handed in before the end of the school day on that date. Q1: 2/19, 3/18 Q2: 4/29, 6/1

  23. Honors Opt-OutWhich of these columns describes you? Academic Honors